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Month: October 2009

This has absolutely nothing to do with writing…

Being the fabulous stay-at-home mom that I am, I do some of the housework.  Sometimes I can con RockStar Hubby to do some of it (such as the dishes or tidying…seriously, why can he tidy an entire house in 20 minutes, and it takes me three days?) and sometimes I actually have to get my hands dirty.

One of the jobs I loathe with a passion, is laundry. It’s not the carrying of clothes downstairs, it’s not the folding…it’s the putting away. I hate putting things away. I prefer my house to be an obstacle course and as I explain to RSH, it’s actually good to be constantly testing my reflexes as I grow older.  Some do Soduko, I do housework avoidance. 

My husband gets a very strange stain on his shirt. All the time. On every single shirt. And no, it doesn’t come off. It’s this weird oval stain, right in the middle of his chest, right at the xyphoid process (care to ask how I know where that is?). Every…single…shirt.  I’ve purchased cute shirts for him to wear, with strict instructions not to wear them anywhere, except when we are on a date. At the moment, he has a hot brown v-neck that just defines him perfectly (physically and metaphorically), which he has managed to keep clean.

Tonight, I did laundry.

I pulled the brown shirt out of the basket, still warm from the dryer and flicked it into the air with my stealt-like fingers before I folded it.

And there it was.

The stain.

mood: freakin’ exhausted. And I get to go on retreat tomorrow.                                          

listening to: America’s Next Top Model in the background

reading: an absolutely horrible book about a woman who lives in Paris, but is married to grouchy, useless Englishman and they have two kids. Husband is pathetic father to said kids, treats woman badly. She gets an  offer to write a book about the different histories of Paris and she packs up and leaves her family. What is wrong with her? She had to hire a nanny to take care of her kids while she galavants around for weeks at a time! I had to put the thing down because I was disgusted by her decision. Her kids are 3 and 5. What is wrong with you! I’m not finishing it. I don’t care how it ends.

What we do (fun with Ikea boxes…alienate neighbours, etc)

YouTube Preview Image


I apologize for my laugh. It’s a little loud.

Just some encouragement…

I have very, very, encouraging friends. After I sent out the e-mail saying I was going to be published, I received a few lovely encouraging notes. I’m sharing one with you and I’m including her name and I don’t care if she doesn’t like it, because everyone should receive a letter like this.

I’m just saying.

“Hi Jenn,
I just finished reading your book.  I love it.  It is going to do so well…..  All your hard work will be worthwhile.  I can hardly wait to read the next one.  You rock girl.  I am so proud of you that you make me want to cry with joy at how beautiful you are to me.  You are an awesome woman of God and he loves you heaps.  Thank you for being my friend.  Know that you are loved.  If I had a daughter of my own, I would want her to be just like you.

Keep on being who you are and following your dreams.

Love, Lynne

Seriously, how many people do you know write letters like that?   

The beginning…

How I look sometimesHi, I’m Jenn Kelly, and I am a writer.

I’ve decided to set up my own website so that when my book comes out next year, people will know where to get info, and learn more about me.

But for now I’m researching my ‘WordPress for Dummies’ and it’s not making me feel very smart.

From my desk, which is in front of my huge window, I see the street circle. It would be plain if not for the huge red maple (Acer rubrum), red oak (Quercus rubra) and the birch (Betula paperifera). The orangey-red and gold are gorgeous. And they just glow in this cloudy weather.

I think I need another chai latte.



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