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You’d think it would be fun. And it is. Kind of.

Actually, it’s tedious because you have to go from her edits to my original so I can make the changes. I was tempted to just retype the whole thing, but then I realized that in some places there were chunks missing and that’s not good to not read her comments.

It’s going well. Slow, but well. I’m on page 27. I have to do 187 pages. And in between, I have to email the lovely editor and ask her if I can please, please, pretty please keep certain things. Which I can’t really tell you yet. But she’s been lovely and said yes. And she even came up with a brilliant idea that I totally love and it just changed the whole ‘feel’ of the book and I love it.
She’s so good.

But now I’m tired and my shoulders hurt because I had this brilliant idea to try Pilates at home on a hardwood floor and my shoulders are tired. And my chair is terribly uncomfortable and I am tempted to go buy a lovely chair for my bum to rest on from Staples. But then I’d have to go outside. And it’s -32C.


reading: just finished ‘The Silent Governess’, ‘Because She Can’ by Bridie Clark (check for review) Am waiting for Vesey’s seed catalogue.
music: uh..funky jazz. Try ‘Kevin Yost’ and ‘St. Germain’. See below
food: one and a half of Farm Boy’s veggie samosa. I ate to much.
tv: the Bachelor. I know I’m pathetic


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I know I’ve mentionned that I’ve written poetry.

I do have a blog filled with my poetry but I don’t want to link the two. And no, the poetry blog is not under my name because I don’t want it to be read.

No, that’s not right. What I mean to say is:

Ok. I’ve written a pre-teen book. And I’m not a pre-teen. I’m a grown-up (well, not really, but sometimes I make grown-up decisions, like, um…when I should fill out the IRS forms. Answer: soon).  The poems I have written have spanned from when I was 15-now. And some of them are ‘adult’ poems in which pre-teens should not be reading or they wouldn’t get it. And then my huge fan base (I believe there are 5 of you) might be…thinking I’m something else. When I’m not. It’s just a different side to me. Do you understand?

No one wants to know that J.K. Rowling swears when she stubs her foot or if Lemony Snickett plucks his nose hair. No one wants to know if Jeanne Birdsall waxes her moustache (if she has one, I wouldn’t know) or that Lewis Carroll got the runs. Do you see what I mean? And as real as I am, there is a time and place for me telling you about my only speeding ticket that I got at 4am, about how when I’m scared or really tired I hide under my covers, and how I take my gray flannel blanket with me all around the house. But this web page is not it.

However, I promise to put in a sidebar thingy that you can click on and read select poems from the select poems I chose to put on my other blog. After I’ve done some editing of course. Because I just got the e-mail yesterday and I have 187 pages to go through. Oof. And yes, my venti soy no water no foam latte will be beside me. Along with a bowl of cherries I devoured. And a litre of water. Can I stress enough how important water is?

So you can all (all 5 of you) stop looking for Jenn Kelly’s poems. Because you won’t find them. Except for here.

I know. I suck.


Ok, I made time. The address is on the sidebar thingy and for some reason my screen keeps messing up so I can’t do the link thing. So here’s a link. I think.




Have received next batch of editing from lovely editor.

Am waiting until tomorrow. My bed is too lovely and comfortable to get out of.


I don’t think it’s a good idea to ask me any questions about royalties. Because frankly, I don’t understand any of it.

I do know that I got a cheque two weeks ago. The first installment. And there was a honkin’ amount missing. Naturally, I freaked. And then after a venti soy no water no foam tazo chai, I figured out, through many, many emails, that the IRS keeps 30% of my cheque until I get a number, which I need to fill out a complicated form for. I’m pretty good at forms. But this was indeed, complicated.

On every line I wasn’t using, I had to write ‘N/A’. In the box that said, write US number, it said if I didn’t have one, to write ‘N/A’. But on page 4 of instructions it said I could put my social insurance number in it.

Once I fill out the form correctly, they send me a number. Then I fill out another form, with that number, send it to money man and they give me the rest of the money.

I really need to get on that.

I have a Paris trip to pay for.

Book Covers

I seriously don’t know why the lovely Kathleen puts up with me. She is so lovely and wonderful. I should probably stop bragging. One day I am going to steal her away from Zondervan and make her my special literary agent/roomate/editor/best friend person. She’ll live in my mansion. In the other wing with her family.

This whole process makes me a little crazy. I am a control freak. I am better at it, don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked hard not to be…but I get freaked out because I don’t know what’s going on at the other end and I’m trying to be lovely back to lovely Kathleen, and not call her every five minutes for an update. I manage to keep it to once a week or so.

Today we discussed the book cover. I thought it was a done deal, but it wasn’t, simply because I know nothing of the industry.

She e-mailed me the book cover and I have to say, I didn’t care for it very much. The original was brilliant but lacked something, and we discussed for a bit, what it was lacking. I have no idea how it went. I asked for visions of lime and violet, but who knows?

It also turns out that my book, which was to have a cover, and then it was going to have a few illustrations, is now going to be heavily illustrated. Which makes me feel… I don’t know. First let me say, Ariane is brilliant. I’m not giving her last name yet, so don’t bother looking up her stuff.  She is great. But part of me, the vulnerable, ridiculous part of me, wonders if…people will say, ‘what a beautifully illustrated book’, as opposed to, ‘what a beautifully written story’. 

I know. I’m pathetic.

So, I’m going to have pizza tonight, with fries and gravy. And maybe a diet coke. Just to be ridiculous.

And then I am going to trust God completely with the book. Again. I think I tell Him everyday I will trust Him, just so I can remember to do that myself. And I’m going to trust the lovely Kathleen, because I know, just by having a little relationship with her, that she is brilliant and it will be awesome and we will be drinking champagne in Mexico in two years.

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