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Month: February 2010

Other Reasons I Hate Waiting…

I’m writing in this colour today because I am rather sick.  On the second day in McDonough, I managed to catch a lovely cold. I wasn’t terribly effective at serving at all the projects but I did manage to get one done. The rest of the time was spent being a gopher and taking pictures. And trying to get better. Only now am I getting better, what with the wonderful invention of antibiotics and Advil *knock you on your butt and remove all pain* medecine. Ah, I love it.

So many things are happening with my book and I hate that I can’t reveal any of it because it’s not official. All that I can say is:

1- they loved it at the book conference and judging by their comments, it should do well!

2- someone else is interested in it. I can’t tell you anything else.

3- my editor and I have had many interesting conversations. I guess I’m allowed to say that it looks like I’ll be able to write a sequel.

4- the cover is finished. And while it’s not quite what I had in mind, it’s better than what it was originally.

I still hate waiting. Oh if God were to ever teach me anything, it would be about patience. Every single day my patience is tried. Sometimes it does well, sometimes it is left wanting.

My brain is fuzzy. I’m going to sleep.


Watching: last week’s Lost. Too tired to watch this week’s. Maybe tonight.                                                                                                                                               

Listening to: my fan to make white noise while I nap.

Reading: Swinging on a Star by Janice Thompson.

Other things…

My book is currently in the UK being illustrated. And now I wait. And think of new things for new book.


However, I am currently in McDonough, GA helping out with some rebuilding of homes here. Yesterday I got to help landscape a lady’s house. Today I watched men reroof while I picked up their garbage.

Will write later.

I’m Done!!!

You’d think it would occur to me to get a snuggly chair for my library. Nope. I finished editing sitting on a dining room chair and I paid for it.

But I’m done editing!

There was some stressful situations but of course the ever lovely Kathleen fixed it (did I mention she’s brilliant? and she’s only 24! How many brilliant 24 year olds do you know? I know one!) and now I’m done. I think. Two hundred and two pages edited. Yay!

Now I just have to write the Reader’s guide questions.

And on Saturday, a week in McDonough, GA for a mission trip to rebuild some homes that haven’t been taken care of yet. Wow.  Gonna miss the gaffer though. That’s ten days!

Reading: Lego manual for Star Wars ship

Music: on tv show of retro Spiderman

Running to: Let it Rock

A question answered:

Seeing as how no one is asking me any questions (ie: no fanbase yet), I thought I’d ask myself a question and then answer for you.


Dear Ms. Kelly,

Do you ever get tired of your book? I mean, do you ever just want to chuck the whole thing and just go get a latte?

your greatest fan


Dear greatest fan,

You’re so sweet to write me. First of all, you can call me Miss Jenn. Or lovely lady. I answer to both.

To your question: yes. yes. yes.

Infact, right now, I’m editing, and I’m doing well. Meaning I’ve done 40 pages in three hours. Which is pretty good. But as I’m reading it, negative little thoughts are running through my mind. Such as, I’m crap. This is crap. Who wants to read this crap? I shouldn’t be using the word “crap”. It’s rude.  I’m sorry. Even though I have the book deal, it’s going to be published December 3rd…today, I’m feeling vulnerable. And crappy. But I’m just going to keep editing. Because that’s all I can do.

Have a lovely day and thank you for being a fan.

Music: majic 100. I got tired of CBC radio 2.

Movies: nothing. I was inhaling “Lost” last night though.

Reading:  ashamedly, Elle with Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover. And the Lee Valley catalogue. It’s garden idea time.


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