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So far I’ve been having a hard time with the book. It has to be perfect. What pressure!

I recently purchased one of those Moleskin notebooks from Chapters. I was intrigued by it’s hard cover, it opened well and stayed open and I love how the lines are close together. My favourite notebooks have small spaces between the lines. No idea why.

So I started writing ideas in it.

And now I can’t stop. I mean, I still need ideas, but all the writing is coming out handwritten.

Which is very interesting because I used to almost freestyle. Then when I started Jackson Jones, everything had to be typed. It wouldn’t work otherwise. And now it won’t work when I type. Interesting.

Should have purchased 20 notebooks instead of a laptop then…

Watching: the Office. Lost was last night. Couldn’t tell you what’s going on.

Listening to: funky jazz.

Reading: Anne of Avonlea. No wait, Anne of the Island.

Ideas for new book

I am still suffering from writer’s block.

I did manage to get some notes down, handwritten, at Chapters the other day while the boys were at Cosmic. And while they are good ideas, I think I need more.

I think the book needs either an antagonist, or another tour guide. Still need a plot. And I keep changing my mind. It’s so difficult because you want it to be brilliant, to be better than the first one, that you end up criticizing everything you write or think of.

Must be kinder to self.

In other news, I have no idea how to upload the cover of my book. How sad is that?

I’m so excited!!!

The release date has been moved up to August 6th! Yay!

Although I have no idea why on-line at Amazon and Zondervan it says September. Hm..must ask fabulous Kathleen about that!



Very Happy Day

I know last week I was complaining about my writing area undergoing renovations. I had tried other Starbucks areas to get my writing out, but it didn’t work.  Last night hubby and I were in the area and I made him go see if it was finished.

It’s done.

All the old tables have been replaced by new ones and instead of long tables, they have high little ones, right at the window, perfect for writing. I almost died I was so happy.

It’s Monday morning, I’ve been here since 8:30, and I think this will work quite nicely for the next book.

And my editor is back from hiding. Good golly have I missed her silly emails… I should probably tell her. But I might sulk a bit first…

Reading: Anne of Avonlea (not as easily read as the first, but lovely)

Watching: hubby was watching Matrix 3 I think. Not paying attention.

Listening: Sleep by Azure Ray (Devil Wears Prada Soundtrack)

Resolved not to hide under duvet …

I didn’t write much on Wednesday. It was awful. I didn’t do much at all, actually. I think I wrote a thousand words, but that’s how long it took for Jackson Jones to get to his next spot to meet his next character.

Today? I think I’ve written five hundred but I’m stuck on dialogue.

Why didn’t someone tell me that this would be hard? And I even went to my favourite Starbucks writing place and they are CLOSED for renovations! I tried another Starbucks and it was terrible!!! What if my usual haunt doesn’t work because they’ve changed everything inside? Gak!

Reading: Anne of Green Gables (I wish I talked like her all the time. I think my hubby would kill me.)

Watching: Survivor last night but I was looking at Paris on Google.

Listening to: YouTube Preview Image

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