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Month: April 2010

Today is a lovely day…

because I get my hair done.  I don’t normally get excited about getting my hair done because it involves a lot of sitting around and waiting. But I’m bringing my writing notebook so I can keep busy instead of reading all the gossip mags. Although I may read one or two.  But I really wish I didn’t have mousy brown hair because then I wouldn’t have to colour it. Yes, my vanity is showing through again. My bad.

So I was talking to the manager of Starbucks where I write, and she said she was talking to her district manager and the district manager thinks it would be cool to do a launch party at the Starbucks! So now I have to get her email and then the two managers (from Chapters as well) can merge and discuss! I’m trying to figure out how many hot chocolates with whipped cream and sprinkles I can get for about 200$. I might have to spend 300$. Hm.. maybe whoever buys a book gets a free hot chocolate? I can do that!!! Just have to find sprinkles now.

Writing is going well. I’ve had many ideas. Sadly, one of them is that the vicious dog cannot be called Fluffy. So now I need another name. Peaches? Dunno.

We leave for Paris in 6 days! Hooray hooray! I find myself waking up in the middle of the night whispering French phrases to myself.

Reading: Swiss Family Robinson and French Women don’t get Fat (yes, I’m red)

Listening to: lawnmowers

Watching: nothing. but tonight is Survivor!

Sometimes …

I think I’m cool.

Now, I know I’m getting up there in the years, I even found a few gray hairs yesterday and didn’t know what to think (except I’d like to get my roots done) but I think I’m cool.

I wasn’t cool in high school. Or junior high. Or elementary school. At all. I don’t even know if I was cool in University. Actually, I don’t think I was. But AFTER all of school, I think I was cool. Wait, what was my point? I’m starting to get vain here.

Oh yes. Last night I was a little grouchy and was driving to a Thing. Actually the Thing was my friend Barb’s mini-concert. This is where I’m supposed to high-lite Barb’s name so that you can click on it and get routed to her site. Of course I have no idea how to do that. So just go to  and you can read about her awesome music and whatnot.

So I was driving there and decided to put on very loud music and open the sunroof (moonroof?) and just blare it. And of course all my music is from awhile ago given I really don’t like the rap now, nor do I like the teenage bubblegum pop now either. So as I was driving I was remembering what life was like in my 20’s (yes, I was not cool until 20 or so, maybe 19 when I failed University and worked at a bar to fund my rent?) and life was interesting then.

Ok, now I don’t remember my point. Nevermind.

Anyway, updates on the book!

-still waiting for contract in the mail. Am I allowed to say I’m writing another book? I have no idea. If not, then please forget everything I just said and do not look for books in the future written by Jenn Kelly.

-it looks I no longer need to stress about my launch party. I was getting a little freaked out because while I need a ton of people there so I can get the word out and make money, I only have so much money to provide a site and food etc. Sooooo… my brilliant genius editor Kathleen said to get her the name and email of manager at Chapters (where I wrote my book) and Zondervan would contact him and tell him we need to launch this sucker and make it awesome! So I’m very happy. Book launch at Chapters at some determined date and time and there will be a private party afterwards or at a different time. Yay!

-writing is going well! I had lost a file (can I just say that I did save it, twice and it just disappeared and no I’m not crazy?) and of course I couldn’t remember what I had written down (why would I? I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget!) but then I was able to write brilliant things about squirrels later on that just tickled me pink.

-why am I writing about squirrels? Er.. can’t tell you.

Reading: Swiss Family Robinson

Watching: Um … Lost?

Listening to: gaffer reading.

I Should…

read my wordpress for dummies because I have no idea how to get a picture of my book on this webpage, or how to link it to on-line bookstores. Eek. And of course I ‘would’ take the time to do it, but then I’m not working on my book, nor am I planning my trip to Paris. Priorities, priorities, priorities.

I will figure it out in due time.

In other news: I wrote 6 brilliant pages about squirrels yesterday and they mysteriously disappeared from my computer.

That? is annoying!

a quick update

i woke up at 2am last night (this morning?) in a panic because we leave for Paris in 25 days and I have nothing planned.

no idea what we’re doing once we get there.

haven’t contacted a taxi service yet.


and i’m writing today.

at Starbucks.

my bum  hurts.

it’s too busy to move to a more comfy chair.

i seem to be going through this phase where i begin chapters but don’t finish them.


what does that mean?

i think it means i’m writing and shouldn’t knock it.

I don’t know what it means, and I don’t care!

So I hopped onto to see if my book was there yet. And it was. And for some reason it’s ranked #681. A friend said it was ranked #28 for tweens. But on, it’s ranked 1 071 907. And that makes me laugh. A lot.

I have no idea what that means.

But my goal is to reach number one. I have a feeling it might. You know when you feel something amazing coming? Something you can’t quite put your finger on? Yet, you can feel it. Like how I knew Zondervan would pick up the book. I don’t know. Call me crazy. Call it the magic tinkling in the air. But it’s there and I’m ridiculously excited.

Writing going well today. Have another new character introduced and seems to be flowing well as I handwrite everything. And for some reason the music has to be from my ‘introspective’ file on my ipod. I must harass hubby for new ipod. I have an old one that only holds 400 songs and I have over 2000 on my laptop.

I feel magic in the air.

Must be God.


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