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Losing My Mind…

I came home after working very very hard on the book at Starbucks, when I noticed a notice upon my door.


It was DHL.

They have my books.

Of course I wasn’t there to receive the package. That would be too easy.

So now I am checking the time (4:08), knowing DHL closes at 6pm (an hour drive) and they have yet for the driver to come back with my package. At the moment it is there, I will bolt.  Unless of course they don’t get in until 5:30-6. Then there’s no way I’m going to make it.  And yes, tomorrow is Canada Day, which means everything is closed.  So I’d have to wait until Friday.


I can’t wait until Friday.

It’s too far away.

Reading:  Vinyl Cafe Diaries

Listening to: gaffer in bathtub having waaaay too much fun.

Watching: SYTYCD and SpyKids 2 (what a great movie!)

Eating: Kashi triscuits and brie


Getting itchy…

There is so much waiting going on.

I’m waiting for my shipment of pre-released books, which were supposed to be here, I think, last week.

I’m waiting for the release of Jackson Jones.

I’m waiting to be finished writing… no that didn’t sound right.

It’s summertime. Besides the obvious gardening, swimming, lounging, gardening, eating that happens in summer, there is also the fluff.

I don’t mean dandelion fluff. I mean chick lit fluff. 

Where you sit back in the sunshine with sunscreen on and you just read. And it makes no difference if you’re interrupted or if the book accidentally gets wet because it’s just chick lit fluff.

Oh, how I miss the fluff! I’ve tried reading Harper’s and Vogue and InStyle, but it is not scratching the itch.

While at Chapters today I noticed a ‘Buy three get one free’ sign. Oh how I longed to peruse the fluffy lit that called me in its soft voices. ‘Come read me! A novel about a divorced woman who is failing at her job and gets jam in her shoe and meets the CEO and he’s gorgeous but she can’t date him but then they fall in love and she quits to become an interior designer and they get married’.  Oh the temptation! It’s worse than tazo chais!

But I was good. I went straight to the kids section and picked out, ‘Robinson Crusoe’, ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’, ‘Treasure Island’ and the ‘Benedict Society’.  See a theme?

Next book.

Listening to: hm…nothing?

Watching: SYTYCD

Reading: Alice in Wonderland

Eating: tonight? grande decaf soy no whip no drizzle caramel frappucino and sushi. but not together

I Wonder if I’m brave enough…

Did I mention the book comes out soon? 44 days.

That seems  a bit crazy to me.  It’s like waiting for Christmas but you know you’re going to get this super awesome present that you’ve been waiting your whole life for. 

I’m not nervous.  I’m not really concerned if people will like it. Because I know some people will and I expect some people will not. I expect some fan letters (actually, I’m hoping to get fan letters … for the sake of answering, not vanity) and I expect some un-fan letters. Which is fine. I created something amazing with God and in no way could it ever not be special to me.

I’m beginning to wonder about marketing. Yes, I should be wondering about my book (hey! I wrote 1,000 words today!) but I’m thinking about bookstores.  How does one contact a bookstore to do signings? What if they don’t want you to come? How do you even ask?

Me: Hello? Can I speak to the store manager please?

Clerk: Doubtful. What do you want?

Me: Um, I want to speak to him so I can discuss doing a book signing?

Clerk: Why?

Me: Uh, so people will come buy my book?  You’ll make money too from it.

Clerk: And who are you?

Me: Jenn Kelly? I wrote, ‘Jackson Jones: The Tale of a Boy, an Elf and a Very Stinky Fish’.

Clerk: Never heard of you.

Me: You can check your database. I know I’m in there.

Clerk: (puts me on hold for ten minutes. Can swear I hear her laughing in the background with a colleague which immediately makes me wonder if she’s laughing at me or if I’m being paranoid again.)  Yah. You wrote a kid’s book?

Me: Um, yes. Actually, it’s for pre-teens.

Clerk: Well, I’ll tell the manager you called. Thanks. (click.)


Would it really go that way? Do bookstores like authors calling them up and offering to do a signing? And what if no one comes? Granted, I don’t really care because I’m in a bookstore for goodness sakes! I’ll just drink my venti soy no water no foam tazo chai and enjoy the ambience. Except I’d have to nail myself to the seat as I’d get up and start walking towards that bright pink covered book.

And then what about local bookstores? There’s one just a few blocks over, but I’m tentative to go in because they aren’t terribly nice. Maybe I should be contacting the local newspaper about this.

I need a rep.


Watching: sadly, Sex and the City movie. I actually cried. I blame hormones.

Reading: Vogue from three months ago.

Listening to: Machine by Portishead… and Christmas music

Eating: brie and crackers and green grapes and a litre of water

A Contest…

While I don’t think that this is a terribly popular blog …yet … I’m having a contest for the readers. Granted, the readers are mostly on Facebook but it’s only fair to extend it here.

The Contest is:

In about two weeks I’m getting some pre-released copies of my book, ‘Jackson Jones: The Tale of a Boy, an Elf and a Very Stinky Fish’. But the book doesn’t come out until August 6th in the US and later in Canada. (how is that even fair?) Regardless, I thought it would be neat to have a contest where you can win one of two copies and other prizes.

So: to enter, you must go onto Facebook and look up ‘Tales of Jackson Jones’ in the “groups”. You must join and get five others to join as well.  For every five people you get to join, your name goes into a draw. That easy. But you have to tell me who you got to join so I can keep track.

Sound easy peasy?

I guess we’ll see…

And it came…

It took a very long car ride to North Topsail, North Carolina, a few days of playing in the ocean, the pool and a lot of sunbathing and a very bad chest burn … but it came to me.

The ending.

The perfect ending to ‘Jackson Jones: the tale of a Boy, a troll and a roll of toilet paper’.  (Not sure if that’s the title, I’m just guessing).

And I don’t think it’s too cheesy. I think if it’s done just right, it’ll score with the boys and the girls.

Now I just have to find time to write it.  But I’ve jotted down notes. And am currently describing a field. Yes, that’s all I’m saying.

In other news: I should be getting 30 copies of my book in two weeks! Granted they aren’t proofread, the illustrations aren’t perfect and they are softcover, but I hope it doesn’t matter when I start sending them out. I have some ideas of who exactly to send them to, for marketing purposes of course…  my brain is all a tizzy!

listening to: the ocean and the gaffer building Lego

watching: last night? Julie and Julia

reading: The Diary of a Provincial Lady

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