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Meeting Kathleen (aka: sweetest, loveliest editor ever!)

So she and hubby showed up a tad late and came at 9pm. We had a delicious dinner of horseradish burgers and chatted. Jackson actually excused himself at 9:30 saying he was tired and wanted to go to bed. Gamely, they came up to for tuck-in and prayers. And then we all went to bed.

Yesterday was a time of hanging out and drinking chai lattes. The boys (minus gaffer) went skeet shooting and had a lovely time. Kathleen and I got to talk. About so much. It was like cramming in everything you wanted the other person to know. We talked about our families, our friends, our backgrounds, what we do for fun… It was so interesting. She and hubby are definitely NOT boring.

Then we got to dress up and go downtown. We hit the Glebe first for a little tour, then to the firehall. Then to the market, then to dinner at Le Cafe for a taste 5.  The food was … alright I guess. Lobster bisque, salad with blueberry jam (?), a mint sorbet (I thought it tasted like soap) and scallops.  Which were ok. I now understand what Gordon Ramsay means by undercooked.  My martini had 3 flies in it, which sadly, Kathleen accidentally drank before I noticed. Thank goodness they were dead.

And we talked.

And talked.

And talked.

I love this woman. And she gets to come back in September again. So excited.

Discussed: the third book, contracts, royalties, Karen Kingsbury, mojitos, Mexico, Maine, farms, how cold Lake Superior is, recording, babies, editing, agents, fire stories, illustrations, pirates, our corporation, Jackson, food, movies, books, and Mr. Bubbles.

Loved, loved, loved, loved.

6 days to release. Holy Toledo.

Rumour of possibly speaking at the Ottawa Writer’s Festival this fall… but nothing definite. I don’t even know if I’m allowed to say anything. And CBC is looking pretty good. Must shut up now.

Listening to: CBC opera

Doing: gardening under patio umbrella

Eating: Lara bar. Peanut Butter

9 Days…

I … have no words.

I don’t even know what to think.

I remember posting a very long time ago and it wasn’t going to come out until December. And then everything changed.

I have moments of giddyness and then I have moments of ‘big deal, whatever, I have to make supper now’.

But this is a big deal.

And I’ve wanted it forever.

And forever has come.


Random Thoughts:

-must contact so and so about book signing

-must plan

-must contact

-must distribute

-must clean house as beautiful, lovely, editor comes in two days.

-why do I keep waking up with headaches? ouch!!!

Fan Mail #2

From an old teacher friend. Although he was never my actual teacher, he taught me a lot.

“Jen–What can I say?–I’m not a reader at all–but read this twice in a row–now you have to understand that I’m not an editor or a critic–I’m terrible in grammar etc…BUT I do think that I have a better than average imagination and creative mind–mainly related to songwriting BUT I have written some screenplays, so I feel qualified to pass some judgement—even after the second reading Im trying to find ways that i can describe to someone who asks me, what it was like—OH—finding words to describe the crazy journey Jackson is on isnt all that hard BUT trying to convey a sense of how you tell the story is another thing–I tried to tell my wife and I said–I had the feeling that Jen was sitting on my shoulder, at times it was her voice I heard as she explained things or made aside comments–even without the illustrations I pretty well could see everything perfectly–the uniqueness of the bracketed definitions–priceless—I have to tell you I almost peed my pants with the Thompsons Full Mouth Translation Book–brilliant!—the naming of the chapters is genius–the short little chapters had me in tears–ironically enough the bathroom break came right on cue!!!–brilliant again—the talking directly to the kids who might be reading this–friggin creative–
Anyways–as you can guess I loved it–and even though it has been a million years since I saw you or read your stuff–I was not one bit surprised at how you crafted this book–it is so weird–if someone had just given me this book and told me that a former student had written it–I would have guessed YOU 100%–and I have seen some great stuff from former students of mine–(Caroline Pignat–won awards for her books and I have stuff from a couple other former students that I have used in my songs–Jen Dugay and Val Lacelles–but noone comes close to your —Im going to say it–twisted little mind (and I mean that in a nice way)—BUT I WON’T GET INTO THAT NOW!
It is my “Favoritest” book—I hope you are holding on to your stones so that when you hit creative blanks can remind yourself to believe in the truth that you are a great gifted writer who belongs in the top of the class—so I look forward to the next 3 books–LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN!
I’ve got to go now I think i hear a few CRUBBIES scurrying around in my back yard harasing some night owls–damn gum!.”

Jerk made me cry… wait, I shouldn’t call him a jerk. Because he’s not. And as soon as I get my hands on his songs, I’ll post them…

Dream #2

I was about to leave the “Fox and the Feather” (Elgin St) with Dan, when Michelle Obama walked in. She had very pretty long wavy hair. Less matronly than the way she wears it now.  She was alone and had a handful of papers to read through.  I decided I would go over and talk to her about my book. I told Danny to go out to the car and get a copy of my book. But I didn’t have one. So I was working up the nerve to go talk to her about the book and see if I could mail her a copy to the White House. Then I woke up.


12 days.


Will head to Barnes and Noble on August 8th I think.

I Dreamt…

that my books came out in the bookstore and while they were beautifully displayed at the very front entrance, they had very ugly covers, very bad illustrations and half of them had been changed into blue fuzzy purses that when you opened them, the book was inside. All topped off with a gold chain strap.

I was horrified.

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