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A Crazy, Crazy Day…

OK, first of all? I got to see my book on the shelf in the Children’s Section of Barnes and Noble in Syracuse, NY.

That? Was pretty cool.

Today I met with HarperCollins Rep guy and discussed how I could use him. Apparently we are to drive around Ottawa and visit Independent Book Stores to say hi. Maybe plan an event or two. Sweet! And maybe to Montreal…

Next: I have an interview with Alan Neal on CBC 91.5Fm tomorrow at 3:40! That is sooooo exciting!!! Wow. I hope it goes well.

I just found out that “Jackson Jones” will be placed in a full page ad of the Boys Scouts magazine! It reaches 5 million people! Good golly Miss Molly!

Aaaaannnnd: I was contacted by Elevator Man from Tiffany’s in NY who looks exactly like Morris in second book.  That was super cool. Must send him a book…

Book Signing!!! Chapters Kanata on September 18th from 1-3!!!! Come meet me!!! I’d love to meet you!!!!


First I want to apologize for the font size. (Hey that rhymes!) I have absolutely no idea how to change it. I can change the type of font, but not the size. I think it might be time to read more of “WordPress for Dummies” but it’s under a lot of cooking magazines (I made a chicken pot pie with walnut crust! Delish!) and I couldn’t be bothered to dig it out.

Muchness … I adore that word. It’s from Alice in Wonderland, of course. And we had just purchased the movie as I’ve seen it three times, so we had to buy it.  The scene where the Mad Hatter is talking to Alice, telling her that she has lost ‘much of her muchness’.

It’s so hard to describe ‘muchness’.  It’s not bravery, it’s not silliness, it’s not gumption. Well, not quite.


It’s … it’s…


For me, muchness is very personal.

It took muchness to travel to Guelph to a conference I knew nothing about, to talk to writers, publishers and agents I never heard of, to sell my book – nonaggressively. (is that a word?)  It took gumption to sit down with Andy Meisenheimer and dazzle him with my humour.

It took muchness to marry my soul mate. Not love. 

It took muchness to sell our beautiful home that Danny had built for us, so we could move into a small, crappy house we were renting so I could be a stay-at-home mom.


Where is your muchness? What have you done that is ‘muchworthy’?

Why am I Procrastinating?

That’s a question unto itself, isn’t it?

I am procrastinating because I need to re-write my book.

Ick. But fun!

Gladly, happily, giddy-ly, I have a new beginning. And I like it a lot.  And I think lovely Kathleen likes it too. Not sure yet.  Maybe?

One issue I seem to have: I use too many adjectives. 

I wonder why? I think, in my own opinion, which may or may not be intelligent, I think that there are not enough adjectives out there.  I wish you could say to your computer, “I’m looking for a word that means fantastic/happy/ecstatic/purposeful/glad. ” And then it would spew out the perfect word.  Because I could use ecstatic, but it’s too … flaky.  I could use glad, but it’s not strong enough.  I could use happy, but it’s not right. Fantastic? Meh.  Maybe I should just make up my own words. Hm.. I’d use the word:  eccelpy.  There. Perfect.  Look at it in a sentence.

“She was eccelpastic.”   See? It works? Says everything in one word. For us wordy folks. A-hem.

Oh wait, must get back to writing….


Reading:  Harper’s Bazaar (I know, I’m such a girl sometimes)

Listening to: CBC radio

Eating: chai latte! hello? I’m editing!

Watching: tonight? nothing. am going out to dinner.


Lovely, editor Kathleen sent me the edits last night at 11pm.  She is insane to stay up that late to finish. I opened the file this morning.

Oh boy.

With the first book, I only had two pages of edits. And they weren’t even a big deal. I felt very good about myself. Granted, I had a year and a half to play with it while searching for a publisher or agent, but still.

This?  5 pages.  And oh boy, not much of it is good.

I need some major overhaul.

I forgot to give Jackson a purpose.

Pretty sad, isn’t it?  In the first book, Jackson longs to be a hero. And he gets to be one.  This one? He’s doing nothing. Just a lot of meaningless wandering around, learning nothing. Oops.

My lovely editor was tactful kind enough to tell me that it was her job to make it amazing and that it is never easy to write a book, let alone a kids’ book and that everything would be wonderful. I just had to hunker down and drink my chai lattes and get to it.

And I have 7 weeks to do it.

Let the games begin.

Listening to: the boys are listening to farting and burping noises on the computer

Reading: The Hunger Games. Oh you must read it. It’s fantastic.

Eating: peanut butter.

Watching: tonight? My husband. It’s our ten year anniversary!

Did you know…

that I have a ‘site stats’ thing which used to be a ‘blog stats’ thing and it tells you how many times your webpage has been looked out. And at the very bottom, it tells you who looked (sometimes) and what they looked up to find you.

Do you know what a treat it is to know that I’m being googled? And it’s not because I did something wrong or something terribly ‘hollywood horrible’ but just because I wrote a book.  That feels nice to be googled. Because then it means someone actually took the time to look me (or the book) up. Even if they hate it.  They put effort into it.  And it’s the effort I like. Regardless of the outcome.

So thanks for making my day.

And incidentally? You won’t get to read the webpage version of Kirkus Book Review because you have to ‘become a member’ at 450$ a year.

Yah.  I’ll be buying that soon. 🙂


Eating: Shamefully? shawarma with fries and gravy. I ate 1/3 and now I feel sick. Even after eating healthy all day.

Reading: About to start ‘The Hunger Games’. Read a chapter on my Kindle. It’s gonna be good!

Watching: Nothing. Boys are camping so I’m all alone. Bedtime early tonight!

Listening to: Nothing. Read above.  Miss them terribly though.

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