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I Like To Think…

of myself as a disorganized, organized person.

I have all my plans and dates in three different date books but they are scattered throughout the house. I have discarded papers all over my library floor (editing) but I can tell you that my journal is underneath the pile of blank papers over by the second printer. I can tell you that my July student loan payment receipts (yes, still paying them off!) are underneath the empty bowl, empty plate, other journal and a book on the black bookshelf.  I can tell you that I have a stack of magazines (all Bon Appetit, Cooking Light and some Writer’s Magazines) are beside the chair, stacked, underneath two bibles (I like different translations) and part of my manuscript.  I can tell you that my brown jacket is underneath my party dress that I wore two nights ago, which is lying over the chair.

I thought for sure I had four weeks until the edited version was due.

It’s two.


Reading: Pollyanna Grows Up

Eating: chai latte! hello? I’m writing!

Watching: IronMan 2

Listening to: clock ticking

Grade Four Curriculum

Jackson Jones: The Tale of a Boy, an Elf and a Very Stinky Fish is now grade four curriculum at a Christian school nearby.



Reading: Pollyanna Grows Up

Eating: chai latte, pita biscuits with cream cheese

Watching: tonight? IronMan 2!

Listening to:  Majic 100 with Codi Jefferies!

Lovely Letters

I am so blessed to get another:

Hi Jenn,

My name is JK and I live in PA. I recently read 
your book Jackson Jones. It was loaned to me by your former teacher 
LG, whom I have known for about 10 years. We vacation at White Lake and L and D have a summer place there. We 
actually had supper with them one night during vacation. L cooked 
and it was quite good!

I am a retired 5th grade teacher, so D offered the book to read. I 
read it and passed it on to my daughter, who is also a 5th grade 
teacher. She and I both enjoyed it. She pronounced it  “C.S. Lewisy”, 
which of course it was. Pretty good company!! It was great to see an 
imaginative, creative book that didn’t feature werewolves and 
magicians, but rather pointed to “the Author.”

Diane told me about the book and I said I would read it. As soon as I 
saw it, and saw Zondervan was the publisher, I knew which direction it 
would take.

Great job and hope it is a huge success for you. Kids need an 
alternative which points them in the right direction.

And so I dance delighted in the library…

You know when …

you’ve got only 15,000 words written and you have the rest already written but it needs to be severely edited, so you section the sections off in four different sections with pretty paper clips and then you just stare at them for about half an hour, so you go get some water and reheat your chai (even though chai after vietnemese food is kinda gross) and you sit back down and play ‘Bookworm’ for fifteen minutes and then you google your own name and read things about yourself and then you look at the sections again and then wonder where the sun is and if you have time to squeeze in a nap, but not because you’re tired, but because you aren’t quite sure where to put those sections that you’ve sectionned and you’re sure if you have a nap you’ll come up with a brilliant idea because it is the ‘cloud’ afterall and it always gives good ideas, and hubby is home so he could go get the child from school so you can figure out your sections, but you’re clearly out of ideas and just want to curl up and read ‘Pollyanna’?

Yah, it’s one of those…

Reading: Pollyanna! Didn’t you read the above? And PS: it was ‘White Fang’ not, Wild something

Eating: chai. hello? look up?

Watching: Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire.

Listening to: the clock ticking

Book Signings and Parties

Actually, it was only one party. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

So I had my first book signing exactly one week ago at Chapters Kanata. I had a lovely new friend come over and blow out my hair so it was lovely and long and straight. Then I put on my best striped socks and off to Chapters. The time was for 1-3, but I got there at 12:30 and immediately people started coming. Granted, most of  them were friends and well-wishers, which totally made my heart feel special, but I did get to meet some new kids and talk to them.  There are so many lovely kids out there…  I believe Chapters sold 28 books, so I was very  happy. Then we rushed home, I threw on my sparkly dress and drove to Gigi’s house for the party.

Oh the party!

64 people dressed to impress with lots of food, laughing and encouragement. The best part was when hubby had people go up and say lovely and encouraging things to me. I cried for half an hour straight. It was beautiful. The best part was when m.i.l was talking and I kid you not I had no idea it was even purcolating, but I farted right in the middle of her speech.  And it didn’t help that I said, “oh!” right afterwards. It just fell out. Hubby grunted and cleared his throat to make everyone think it was him but I immediately got the giggles. Ah the joys of humility! It was a very special night.

Last night was another book signing, but at Pinecrest Chapters from 6-9. It wasn’t as busy but more friends came to encourage me (which I loved, loved, loved!) and I met some new kids and some new teachers. That was fun too. But so tiring! You forget to eat! Which is bad. Must recuperate from crazy week.  Must eat healthy foods and cleansing teas. Am fighting a cold. Not happy about that.

I have to say though, about mid-way through the week I felt a renewed sense of … urgency. To get this second book written (besides the fact that it’s due in 4 weeks?) but I feel that this could be a great book as well. I’m not saying the first book is great … actually, yes I am. It’s a great book and I’m really proud of it.  And now it’s time to write another. 

How blessed am I that I can use my gifts to do something I love…

Watching: finished Ironman. Am waiting until Tuesday for second one. Love it.

Reading: Jack London’s ‘The Wild’. I think that’s what it’s called. Scary beginning. So vivid!

Drinking: green tea. ick. but so good for you.

Listening to: the gaffer play in the bath. He has a cold too. Poor kid.

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