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Just spent half an hour playing Indiana Jones Lego game.

It’s awesome. I highly recommend it.


And we’re supposed to get a ‘violent’ storm. Have puchased glow in the dark sticks for the boy in case the power goes out. We all know hubby won’t get up to deal with the crying.

Oooh. Can hear thunder already.

Reading: Life in France (Julia is so lovely)

Eating: turkey with corn and fries.

Watching: husband play Wii

Book Review Of Jackson Jones

Most words taken from ‘Quill and Quire’ Canada’s magazine of book news and reviews November 2010 by Laura Godrey. I didn’t put all of them (description of book) as I don’t want to get smashed for plagerizing. Or whatever. Can I rewrite reviews? I have no idea. I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough.

“This adventurous debut from Ottawa author Jenn Kelly has a perfectly silly spirit that helps put across the admirable lesson learned by its young protagonist blah blah. Blah blah. Blah blah.

Although it’s a joy to hear young Jackson mention the authors he admires and to see him take a literal and metaphorical leap of faith to protect his new friend, the problem is that our young hero is given relatively little external conflict to match the internal conflict he faces. The book has no villain and no ultimate goal for him to accomplish.  The people hemeets teach him important lessons about faith and love, but the book lacks suspense and danger that would make the payoff more rewarding.  Despite its shortcomings, and a set of lacklustre illustrations, it still offers a worthy tale about a boy who learns how to believe in himself. The author’s self-referential, outgoing sense of humour will also appeal to young readers, many of whom will see themselves in Jackson.”

You know, when you read a review, you want to defend yourself. But then that would be defensive.  Or catty. Or complaining. Or whatever.

I just want to say thank you to Laura for the awesome review.

And that ‘Alice in Wonderland’, ‘Anne of Green Gables’, ‘The Secret Garden’, ‘The Black Stallion’, “Little House on the Prairie’ etc did not have villains. Or goals.

I’m just saying.

Eating: shake

Reading: My Life in France by Julia Child (I love food)

Watching: nothing

Listening to: quiet.

Sometimes I wonder…

how personal my webpage should be.

I mean, I don’t want to get into trouble for putting anything in that I shouldn’t (I always get into trouble for saying things I shouldn’t – note to self: build mouth filter system) and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

But I’m also finding my webpage a tad boring. Should one be blogging about their everyday life whether monotonous or not, or should I be mentionning all the amazing recipes I try or things that catch my eye?

I want this page to appeal to kids who are old enough/young enough to read my books, but I also don’t want to dull the adults. Maybe I should figure out how to make a fun web-page where there are cool buttons and whatnot.

Problem is I have absolutely  no idea how to do that. Nor am I interested in figuring out how to do that. I mean, I’m the type of person who finally got her ITIN number and I still haven’t written it on the W-8 form and sent it to my publishers.

I know, I know.

Things are just too pretty. Or tiring. Or distracting. Or they are waiting to be read. Or I need to update my ipod because I need to go work out. Or something.


Today I woke up, took the kid to school, went to the gym, then met Lelu and Neecee for coffee at Starbucks. Lelu is going to Afghanistan on Monday. I just met her and she’s already become an amazing friend and now she’s leaving. That kind of breaks my heart. But Neecee has known her for much longer so she’s even more upset. Because Lelu is so freakin’ cool and sweet and she just invites you to let your guard down and be yourself. Gosh I’m going to miss that.

I might go to the Ottawa Writer’s Festival tomorrow night. Check some stuff out. There’s even a private party going on late at night which I’m invited to. How …. cool. Must practice being fabulous.

School Presentations

 Yesterday was very cool.

I got to do three presentations at two schools on behalf of the Ottawa Writer’s Festival.

The first school was Robert Bateman and the kids were grades 4-6. There were about 130 of them. The library was packed! And they were so much fun. I had volunteers come up and help act out a story that they made up as we went along. It was fun. The protagonist had the gift of extra smelly farts that melted the jail cell bars that the villain had put him into.

The second school was FJ MacDonald and the first presentation was for the grades 1-3. We only had half an hour so we acted out Jackson Jones. Once the little girl put on the huge wig to be Great Aunt Harriett the kids were killing themselves with laughter. After that presentation was the older kids and we acted out another story. It didn’t go as well as the first but it was still a lot of fun.

At the end of the day, my throat hurt from ‘projecting’, my feet hurt and I had a headache. I honestly don’t know how teachers do it. They are amazing.

*I totally ‘geeked’ (Kathleen’s word) when I saw that my name was in the Ottawa Writer’s Festival brochure on the same line as Charles De Lint!


Tomorrow is another presentation at the Orleans Public Library on Orleans Road at 1pm.


reading: The Bucolic Plague by Josh Kilmer-Purcell  lovin’ it.

eating: tacos! ole!

watching: nothing.

listening to: the boy build lego stairs


I’m pretty sure I already have a post on this.

But I’m waiting again.

I sent off the manuscript and while the lovely Kathleen has told me that I’ve “got it”, I still wait.

I was told the book wouldn’t be out until next August. And that they would release a softcover of Jackson Jones at that time as well.

I asked if there was a chance I’d be writing a third. She said ‘maybe’. It all depends how sales are.

I think I chewed my fingernails off.

But as hubby says, ‘there is no point in worrying because worrying does nothing to fix the situation’.

I still chewed my fingers.


Watching: I don’t know.

Eating: pizza. oof.

Reading: Just finished um, Margaret Atwood’s new book there. Um. “Flood” or something.

Listening to: the boys have a sword fight in the basement. I will point out they are made of styrofoam. Just so you don’t think I’m pyscho.

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