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Ok, I had some pretty fabulous descriptions of eccentric people and I have to tell you, it was a tough one. And I wish I could pick all of them, and I may just use all of the different things that they do.

But I can only have one winner:

Daniel’s aunt-in-law Aunt Brigit. I think I spelled that properly.  I can’t give you all the details because then I might ruin some of the book, but what did me in was when Aunt Brigit’s daughter brought her serious boyfriend home to meet her family for the first time, Aunt Brigit dressed up as Big Bird from Sesame Street and hid in the bushes. When they walked by, she jumped out.

How could I not pick that? 

And in her honour (kind of) my new character who runs the General Store will be Aunt Brigit. Whom I will rename, Birdie. Because Brigit is a little too ‘Brigit’s Diary’ whatnot and I’ll get into trouble. Well, not trouble, but they won’t let me use it. Like how in Jackson Jones 2, the vicious dog’s name was supposed to be ‘Fluffy’. It had to be changed to Muffin. Or Muffy. I honestly can’t remember now.  But I do know that it’s coming out in 5 months.


Well, that’s kind of exciting.  Why am I not jumping up and down?

Maybe because I have another book to write and it’s insanely hard?


Incidentally, you simply must check out my interview at the International Christian Fiction Writer’s website.  I liked it.


Listening to: my sick child sing in the tub

Reading: still the Bourne Supremacy

Watching: the Office! Michael leaves tonight!!! Tissues!

Eating: chai tea

Now I Know …

I don’t have a popular blog. And I’m cool with that. Really. Maybe one day I’ll attempt to aim for followers in the hundreds (as of now, I have none) and I’ll read all the ‘how to make your blog popular’ books and maybe even make money advertising for diaper wipes (Huggies are the best!). But for now, I will deal with not being popular.

But honestly? One person who had an idea about eccentricity? Really? I mean, I had two on my facebook page but…


Listening to: a whole whack of cd’s. Am going to download onto itunes because now I can listen to whatever I like on my new iphone. Incidentally? Loooove that I push a button and say, “Play Madonna” and all of her music comes up!

Drinking: market spice tea

Watching: candles flickering. It’s a yucky day so I lit some candles and put them on my desk. I’m sure the neighbours think I’m batty already. Why not feed it more?

Reading: Bourne Supremacy. It’s actually a pretty good book. Once you slow down and actually read it instead of devouring it. Like chocolate.


I know I was supposed to have a contest last January or something. But I never got around to it. Yes, if you knew me you’d know that sometimes I don’t finish things.

But now I’m ready. It’s a weird contest and I have no idea if anyone is interested or not but here it is.

I’m reading up on eccentricities.  Fascinating, aren’t they?

Tell me about the most eccentric person/character you’ve ever met or read about and what they did. The winner gets their name in my next book! How fun is that? Very fun! I can’t guarantee it’ll be the main character, but at the moment, my main character doesn’t have a first name. But then if I used your name, I might get sued because she does have some issues.  Regardless…

contest finishes Wednesday night…so….



I had no idea that my opening paragraph sucked so much.


In other news: I have an iPhone! Because my palmpre is pretty sucky on its battery. So rockstar hubby recommended I get an iPhone. Was delivered today and am waiting anxiously for Bell to switch it on. Then I can kiss writing good-bye for the rest of today. For a bit anyway. Am mostly excited about itunes. Is that bad?

And PS: howja like my new web page? That picture is taken by me, smack dab inside Central Park.

Reading: Stein on Writing, the Bourne Supremacy, NY Times crossword

Drinking: water. had a chai latte and gasp I didn’t enjoy it! Have I switched permanently to tea?

Watching: Midnight Madness – adoooore this movie from the 80’s! Michael J.Fox’s first flick you know.

Listening to: CBC radio two.

It’s Coming

Open wide the windows, and tear the dirty screens down

it’s coming.

That wild wicked wind is blowing away the last of winter

the last of the cigarette butts from the melting filthy snow.

The clouds are zipping by

daring you to keep up.

I brave the winds and rip off my scarf

as my hair gets yanked from its roots.

My lungs are filled and I scream into the air

it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming!

I let the tornado sneak in and whip my papers about my desk

casting a clean white across my floor.

A new beginning

it’s coming

can you smell it?

The smells of fresh soil, of new grass, of onions budding in the gardens.

I lay down pressing my face to the dirt

and just breathe.

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