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Month: May 2011

Lookie what came in the mail!



Guess what I’m getting this week?

Want a hint?

   Incidentally, I have no idea why my post keeps cutting off the top and bottom. Am determined to take proper picture when they get here. In the mail!!!!

Oh. Wanting a copy are you? Well, the hardcover doesn’t come out until the fall. But wouldn’t it be nice to get an Advanced Reading Copy?

It would, wouldn’t it.

Perhaps I should have a contest?

Oh yes. Definitely.

Um… let’s see.

Leave a comment, invite friends to my Jackson Jones facebook group etc. Tell me your favourite kids’ story in the whole entire world!!!

Mine would be “Alice in Wonderland”

Winners will be chosen from a remote location in North Carolina…. because that’s where I’m going!

Listening to: lawnmowers everywhere. I bought a pushmower. It’s quiet. Incase I want to cut my lawn at 4am on a Sunday

Reading: Archie comics. I know.

Eating: an apple. Yech. I hate apples. Really. but they’re good for you.

Watching: the Office!

More Random Things…

1) I like Winner’s. Now hang on, everyone loves Winner’s. But I don’t buy any clothes there. Or shoes. Or purses. It’s still out of my budget range. But what I do love, are their soaps. You can buy these gorgeous ‘parisienne’ bottles filled with lovely smelling soap for 5$!  I know 5$ is a bit of money to spend, but it smells a lot better than grocery store soap. I’m just saying. My favourite smell at the moment is grapefruit and patchouli.

2) When I opened the bedroom door this morning, I could hear the dog whining. She was whining because she couldn’t get up the stairs as it had been blocked off by two chairs. Because hubby had placed a trail of hershey kisses for me to follow. He was kind enough to have the trail lead to the toilet first, because that’s where I go first thing in the morning. Then it led to the library with a note. “Yeah, I ‘kiss’ the ground you walk on. You’re the best. Love D xo” that’s what it was supposed to say. But given his writing is worse than a doctor’s, it said this, “Yerh, I “kiss” thi prumd yoi wolk on. you’ie lle bcf. Lovi P. (infinity sign) o .   It’s amazing that I can read his notes.

3) The bank was having a book sale!! One book = one buck!

   Yes, of course I’ve read them all. Except ‘the Last Song’. Am not famliar with Nicholas Sparks. Refuse to watch his movie there… the one where everyone cries? I tried watching. It was terribly annoying. Maybe it was the acting??


4)  the dog.  It’s been raining for a few days now….


   I may have already shown this. I don’t care. It’s fantastically pathetic.  Like my husband’s fireboots at the front door?

   Sometimes when I get ready in the morning to run errands, she lies down at the front door, refusing to let me leave.






Watching: the Voice!

Reading: same thing as yesterday

Listening to: robins

Eating: hershey’s kisses

Best Quote of the Day

from Stein’s book on editing.

“as a writer, you must torture your reader”.


I’m reading up on suspense. It’s very entertaining and informative. In fact, one thing that really struck out with me was


listening to: child in the tub. he’s singing the theme song to Indiana Jones. no, he’s never seen the movie.

watching: the Voice. have you seen it??? love it! also loved Michael’s exit on the Office. Cried my butt off.

reading: Tara Road. Not done Bourne Supremacy. Wanted something light for a bit.

eating: corn on the cob. not right now of course. or I’d have a buttery keyboard.

I have to write a blog for the International Christian Fiction Writers on the 18th. What am I going to talk about???


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