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Things that mean something…

I follow a few blogs. Who doesn’t? I like the design your home ones but I prefer to read that in books. I follow a few cooking ones, but I still prefer books or magazines.  And some people I have met over the years have a blog, or I just happened upon one and love reading it.

I follow one in particular and while we don’t ‘talk’ to each other, she contacted me a month after I was in Paris and left a note at ‘Shakespeare and Company’.  She asked if it was me and I said, yes.  She herself lives in England and is working on a book, of which she won’t divulge any information at all. But the reason I like her so much, although I don’t know much about her, is because she writes everything with a green pen.

I used to looove writing with a green pen. Or purple, but usually green. And I haven’t in so long. And she reminded me of all the times I would just sit and write. Write short stories, write prose and write poetry.

Anyways, on her blog she has ‘Tuesday Treasures’. And I like that a lot.  I like the idea of it. 

Half the time I don’t know what I’m supposed to be writing on this blog. I mean, it’s supposed to be a marketing thing for my books, but what am I supposed to do? Write about just books? I don’t know if I should be promoting other books, writing book reviews, reviews on food/cooking, movies, I have no idea. Wait. Maybe I am supposed to. Hm. It’s not like I have a gargantuan following anyway.

Regardless of that long rant/diarrhea blabbing, I would like to have a thing where I put up pictures of things that mean something. Or something with a super cool story. Maybe I should just link it to a different blog? Nah.

So … the only issue is, I have a junky camera.  Everyone who posts pictures of things are able to achieve the perfect picture. I paid a lot for my camera, but apparently it isn’t brilliant. So I’ll do my best.

So down below is the first thing. I guess I’ll just mark each post for pictures? Or maybe call it story time? Ooh, that’s good. Story time.

Incidentally, this is the girl’s blog, incase you want to follow. She just got back from India.  I’d love to have tea with her someday..

Here is my first favourite thing:

   My husband (at the time boyfriend) made me this the first year we were together. We had been dating for a few months and we came back to Ottawa for Christmas. And during the holidays, he went into shop class at his old high school and made it for me.  I have a thing for boxes. I love opening and closing the lids, opening and closing drawers. You can put so many things into them.  I decided to put love letters in this box. It’s about 18″ wide and 12″ high and 12″ deep.


     This box has already been emptied once into a large shoebox and then filled again. Because Jackson’s love   letters fit inside too.

And then I found an amazing treasure that I had forgotten about.

Anyone out there have a favourite blog?

watching: SYTYCD

reading: Nine Lives of Chloe King

drinking: water

eating: soon? lay’s low sodium chips with homemade dip, then two rolaids.


Gardening Post #1

This may be terribly boring for kids to read.  This is my first gardening post on this blog.  When I say I’m a garden goddess, it’s because I am. I’m not bragging, I’m just stating facts. I have two honkin’ green thumbs and they are vicious and caring at the same time.  So not to make this all about gardening information, I’m just going to show before and after photos. Because pictures say a thousand words. Except books do too.

So what you see here are all the little seedlings I grew (from seed!)  in my sunroom. There are tomatoes and geraniums and lupins etc. I have another table right beside it filled with plants as well. I started them in a tiny portable greenhouse and they kinda took over. You can see outside that my yard is a mess and that tarpy thing on the ground is a tarp for our pool.  Still freezing out but no snow.

    These are my little tomato seedlings. They look a little awful because it got cold one night and I forgot to cover them. I told them to suck it up.  Planted right behind them (to the right) are lupins from last year. Aren’t they cute?

This is what my garden looked like before we left for NC.  The purple on the bottom left are viola. I let them grow everywhere. They fill in spaces really well and if you don’t want them, they’re easy to pull out.  Behind them are more viola. To the right are the lupins. Along the fence line are iris and campanula and daisies. The fence apparatus is where I planted my peas. Which rabbits ate while I was gone. Yes, that’s a rainbarrel. Why don’t they make them pink?

That’s my sunroom. It’s not very pretty and from this angle, the windows all look crooked. That’s funny.

The bamboo structure up front is for my beans. The huge clump of green right in front of the sunroom to the right is Salmon’s Seal. And the teeny reddish plant to the left of that, are peonies.

   And this is my backyard. Not very pretty, is it? The rows of pots are my tomatoes. I planted them with red stone at the base because tomatoes hate having wet leaves. The red stone reflects the sun and dries the leaves and the fruit from underneath, thus preventing rot blossom.  Underneath the kitchen window is a homemade window box that will hold hot pink geraniums. To the right of the kitchen window is a trellis holding a pathetic climbing rose (John Cabot).

This is what I came home to. Those are lupins flowers and peonies.

 This would be my amazing rose bush that I came home to. And hostas planted beneath.  Ok, I’m done bragging…. Happy gardening!!! And no, I’m not coming over to do your gardening for you. If you want me to garden for you, then you can clean my house and do laundry. Just saying…

Another Exciting Trip?

I just received and email from a radio station in New York, asking if I could do a phone interview with them at the beginning of September.

This is very exciting.

So then my mind starting running a mile a minute.

Could we make it a live interview? I mean, hubby and I were just looking for a good excuse to go back to the Big Apple. Or as my friend, Gigi calls it, “New York Proper” (I love the way she comes up with names for things. She’s so proper.)

And then I started looking at the prices.



I could do the radio interview and then a couple of book signings, no? I mean, make it worth the trip. And of course spend the entire time walking Central Park (am determined to walk ALL of it) and eating at the Spice Market. And go to Times Square Church.  And then it could be a business trip with fun! Right? Right?

And have found smokin good deal for 600$ each. But must fly from Syracuse.

Will it happen?

Oh I hopehopehopehopehopehopehopehopehopehopehope!!!!

The End of Grade One

There are a lot of weirdos out there. So I try not to make my page too personal, you know? I mean, obviously I write like I speak (if you were to ever meet me) and I love that people I do know, tell me that when they read Jackson Jones, it’s like I’m right there, talking to them. That’s always a compliment. To me, anyway. I don’t know how future books are going to turn out…

But I’m getting off topic here.

What I want to post about is my son, Jackson.

No, it’s not his birthday, that’s in the fall. But today is his last day of grade one.

And my heart hurts.

It is freaking hard to be a parent. It’s freaking hard to be a single parent. And while I give my husband the hugest thanks in all the world, and by no means do I mean this begrudgingly or disrespectfully, but I am a lot of the time, a single parent. He works two jobs. Which means he usually isn’t there in the morning because he leaves at 5:30-6am (and I am not, cannot get up that early). And occasionally he works nights so we don’t see him. Especially if he does trees the next day. That means we usually go 36 hours without, or sometimes 48. And I don’t mind, really. I embrace my evenings alone.  But what I’m saying is, I spend most of my time with Jackson. And I love it.

When he was two, I wanted him to stay two. When he was three, I wanted him to stay three. Four, five, six.  When he started school I didn’t know what I was going to do with myself two days a week. And now he’s at school, all the time. Yes, I am enjoying my ‘me time’ but … the house is so quiet.  So obviously I’m very excited that school is finished today and I have him to myself all summer.

I find myself watching him more. You know? Just watching what he’s doing. Yesterday I watched him master the art of sliding down a wet, grassy hill on one foot, all by himself. I watched him watch people out the window of ‘The Wild Oat’ with crumbs all over his chin.  The entire time we walked around yesterday (chicken and rib fest oh boy!) he wouldn’t let go of my hand.  I loved that. Made it hard to walk the dog and carry and umbrella, but I didn’t mind.  I could watch him for hours. He’s fascinating.  I love how his mind works and the noises he makes. He makes the best machine gun sound.

And now he’s finishing grade one.  I’d ask where the time went, but I know where it went because I was very careful, watching it tick by. If there’s one thing I learned about being a parent is to embrace the right now because it’ll go by.  Which is why I bite my tongue when he’s talking in the backseat and I’d rather not listen. Which is why I make it a point to put down what I’m doing to listen or watch him explain. 

And I am so much more blessed because of it.

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