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Encouraging Authors and Writers

The forecast calls for 25 Celcius with sunshine.  I’m sitting at my desk in the library (ok, it’s an office, but library is so much more romantic sounding – even though it’s painted baby blue from when Jackson was a baby and I was kind enough to move into the sunshine-y yellow room that faces the backyard) and the skies are not filled with sunshine. They are a dark mysterious lavender that are turning the leaves a bright lime green.  It’s going to storm.

Sometimes when you wake up in the morning you bounce out of bed and think ‘this is going to be a gloooorious day!’. The sun is shining, your tea is hot and perfectly sweet and spicy, your favourite shirt just came out of the dryer and it’s the perfect cool weather for your slippers to snuggle into.  And some morning you don’t want to get up because you have too much to do or you have a meeting that you don’t want to attend or even see a friend you are unsure about.  Or you wake up and have no idea what the day will be like.

It’s the same with writing.

I’m not talking about good days of writing or bad days of writing, I’m talking about a writer’s heart. Do you know that it is really hard doing this? I can’t even imagine what really good/selling well/multi-millionaire writers feel.  Some days I feel terribly unimportant in the writing world. That no one could be bothered to be excited that my new book is coming out, which in turn, makes me feel apathetic about my new book coming out. And some days I get an encouraging email saying, ‘this is awesome’ or ‘I’m so glad you’ve written another’ and ‘you can do it!’  I feel like I can do anything. I can write anything. And it will be awesome. I am awesome.

So I’ve decided that once a week, I am going to do a few things.

1) I will write a letter to encourage an author. The book I am reading, if I am loving it, I will hunt down the author’s webpage and email them, telling them I love their book, to keep it up, to be patient with themselves and kind to themselves as they write.

2) I am going to write a letter to a friend or a new friend or someone I just kinda know. I used to write encouraging letters all the time and I think I stopped because people stopped noticing. No thank you, no ‘wow I felt so awesome getting that in the mail!’.  And the purpose isn’t so I’d feel good, but so that they’d feel good. I need to start doing that again.

3) I’m stuck here. There needs to be a number three and I’m drawing a blank. Hm.  I’ll think of something.


And I will totally post the radio interview once I get it in my computer email. And figure out how.


Reading: Eden.  A 99cent buy on Kindle. Not bad.

Watching: He’s just not that into you.  I love stories where everyone’s lives connect somehow. Like Love Actually and Valentine’s Day.

Drinking: saigon chai tea!

Listening to: dogs barking.

Radio Interview with CBC!

Today at 3:10 Eastern Standard Time. I think.  Yay!

I Know…

I’ve been in a cloud, far far away from the internet, focusing too much on me and doing a lot of nothingness.  Well, I did reach 40,000 words in my new novel, so that is something.  And it’s a very good excuse to be reading more teen dystopia while I’m at it.  (Delerium – ok. Maze Runner – ok. Have reread Hunger Games and have begun Game of Thrones ????)

Have been looking at farm sustainability too, and was terribly annoyed to find out the book I bought on it was actually terrible and non-specific at all. Except for the chapter on how to kill a chicken. That was very descriptive. But at least I know now. Don’t even ask me what a killing cone is.

But I’ve been trying to get myself geared up for book 2 which comes out in like … what… um, 20 days? I’ve lost count. And I have yet to choose a meeting room for the launch. I’ve been… lazy? Depressed? Agitated? I dunno. I’m most happy lying on the couch and watching ‘Hot Shots’ and ‘Hot Shots part deux’.

I think a weekend retreat will do the trick. Good thing I’m going this weekend….

reading: too many samples of dystopian books on my kindle….


Scotiabank Giller Prize

Did you know that you can vote for your favourite Canadian author to win this? Anyone can vote! It doesn’t have to be a panel of judges who choose the book. It can be you. And you. And you.

I think I can be vain enough to say that I plan on making my husband vote for me…

Review from Publisher’s Weekly

“Kelly steps out on a limb, sending the titular intrepid boy (who last got into his great-aunt’s hair, literally, in the series opener) into a tree, where he meets a social misfit of a troll (with nose hair) named Stimple, a squawky chicken named Miss Flaversham, many thousands of squirrels, and a creepy red-eyed rat, among other creatures. Jackson’s been blown away while cleaning the pool following a dustup with his little brother, and needs to find his way home (“In Which You Think This Is The Wizard of Oz, but It Isn’t,” a chapter title notes). Poor Jackson has to do that and teach his readers about the power of prayer in this unsettled mix of a book that has laugh-out-loud moments, stinky giggly ones, a bit of allegory (that rat is creepy for a reason), and clever illustrations. It also struggles a bit with its Christian apparatus of meaning. Kelly is an imaginative writer; here’s hoping her imagination, like her hero, continues to buck restraint. Ages 9–12. (Sept.)”

Better than the last one I think.  Am thinking it’s a good review? Must look up term ‘to buck restraint’. At the moment I am telling myself that it means I’m unique….

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