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CHRI Interview

yes, yes I did make a complete fool of myself. Can I mention before you listen that my dog walked into the library halfway through the interview and decided to start making upchuck noises?

CHRI – Interview


Reading: the Night Circus

Drinking: chai latte

Eating: pasta?

Listening to: child smashing things in the tub


Radio Interview

I don’t know how I forgot about it, but did y’all know I’ve got a live radio interview this afternoon at 4:30pm? (Eastern Standard Time) I blame my knee for my forgetfulness. That would have been awful. Especially considering I totally messed up my interview I was ‘supposed’ to have with Kurl-Fm Montana last month….sigh.

I should probably also tell you I’ll be at Collected Works Bookstore this Saturday for a book launch party! It’s at Wellington and Holland in Ottawa, from 2-4! Bring your best shoes and appetite for cake!

Another Review for JJ1 from the Ottawa Public Library

What a great book. There are few books that I can find that entertain the imagination of the 7- 11 year old silly boy. And I have two of them at home. They loved this story because it was right out there, and had a great moral. Jenn Kelly is renown for writing stories that have multiple meanings. I have been lucky enough to read some of her sories that were published in the Lakehead University paper back in the 90’s. I particularly enjoyed reading this story to my kids because it helps the reader ,or the listener, ponder purpose. And consider God’s role in each of our lives. But from a seriously warped perspective, she made it fun. Adventure, elves, action, jokes and ridiculousness what more could you ask for? especially for that kid that isn’t mature enough yet for pre teen, but much more mature than children’s books.”

That totally made my day.  Granted we were best friends a very long time ago, but it’s still wonderful when old friends you don’t really talk to anymore say lovely things about you. Means you made a good impression. And that maybe, just maybe, you’re not the awful person you sometimes think you are…

Reading: Corsets and Clockworks

Drinking: earl gray tea with a splash of vanilla syrup. deelish!

Watching: Valentine’s Day (oh how I cry for Julia Robert’s role!)

CBC Interview

I ‘think’ this will work when uploaded. I hope you enjoy listening…



Reading: Corsets and Clockworks  (I think)

Drinking: homemade vanilla decaf soy latte

Watching: Glee!

My Tags

So apparently my webpage is found when someone googles, ‘weird body things’. Isn’t that fantastic? I’m a little excited by it.  My friend Suzanne told me it was because I tagged one of my posts those exact words.  When I was talking about allergic rhinitis.  So I think it’s time to write about other things.

You already know I”m high maintenance. Which I detest. I hate taking care of myself. I used to love soaking in the tub, doing my hair, removing hair off my toes, waxing my moustache (oh be quiet. everyone gets hair there.) Painting my toenails…

Now I find it way too time consuming. I could be doing other productive things like writing, or reading, or cleaning my house or playing with my dog. I could even clean all the gunk out of my bellybutton ring hole to keep the hole open even though I don’t wear a belly button ring anymore because it gets too infected.

So now let’s talk about my knee.

Three months ago (June?) we went to North Carolina for a holiday. I sat around a lot. I did do some running,  but mostly it was all on one night when I was mad at hubby for something ridiculous which I can’t remember right now, but was probably because he ate all the chocolate or something.  And when we got back, I was strawberry picking and then I felt an intensely sharp pain behind my right knee cap. Something dreadful and wouldn’t go away.  So after a few days of awfulness I dragged my butt to my poor doctor who usually hears from me once a week (actually that would be his lovely nurse receptionist who hears from me, but it’s not usually a problem with me, it could be with Dan or the gaffer but let’s just say we have a great relationship and I butter her up with hot chocolates and strawberry jam) who told me I stressed it and to put some weird anti-inflammatory cream on my knee four times a day. This cream was not cream but oily goo that was impossible to rub in.  Anyhoo, three months went by and I finally went to a physiolady. Guess who has no tissue behind her right knee cap?


So now I”m on physio exercises for my knee cap. And am still on physio for the same knee for something else I can’t remember but can’t do it because they contradict each other. And I still do physio for my left shoulder which I tore tree climbing.

I have decided I am slowly falling apart. And it’s very annoying… and I don’t have time for this.


So… coming to my book launch or what?

reading: um… Corsets and Clockworks or something.

listening to: hubby clean the tub. because I can’t kneel.

watching: the dog stare at me as she waits for me to play with her…

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