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Month: November 2011

Oh Look, It’s Me Again….

This video of moi was taken by Anthony at Read’s Bookshop for the second book launch.

This Made My Heart Sing…Review


Review from the Christian Journal:


Jackson Jones : the tale of a boy, an elf, and a very stinky fish / written by Jenn Kelly ; illustrated by Ariane Elsammak. Grand Rapids, MI: Zonderkidz, 2010. LCCN 2010013101.

HBB, 9780310720799, $12.99

Fic 267 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.

INT Rating: 5

Jenn Kelly writes a humorous adventure story about a boy who wants to be a hero for once in his life. Great Aunt Harriet is always telling Jackson he needs to find his own story, and that is what happens in Jackson Jones: The Tale of a Boy, an Elf, and a Very Stinky Fish. Jackson doesn’t have any friends, and he doesn’t understand algebra. He loves baseball but when he pitches, his team loses. Just once, he would like to be a hero who saves the day. When he falls into Great Aunt Harriet’s big, big hair (yes, into her hair!), he encounters a world of trap doors, elves, and hairy spiders providing perilous danger to Jackson and his new friend Meeka. Another new friend, Josh, tells him about the Author who created each one of us. Some readers will recognize the Author’s description as that of the Creator God. Josh tells Jackson each “one of us has our own story, full of excitement and adventure, sadness and joy,” and more importantly, we each have a choice—to be “the hero in our own story and succeed, or try to be the hero in someone else’s story and fail” (p.172). This story will have readers laughing out loud, especially as they read the chapter titles. The book is silly, quirky, and entertaining with pictures and text keeping the readers hooked. Illustrator Ariane Elsammak provides whimsical pen and ink drawings that complement the story. Jackson Jones is an excellent addition to Christian children’s literature, combining fantasy and science fiction to teach a lesson. Recommended for church, school, and public libraries, as well as families. Carol Gehringer

What Occurs to Me at Age 38

I think the hardest thing to do in this world is to keep caring.

No matter how bad it gets, no matter how many people are angry at you, won’t talk to you, make the wrong conclusions, call you names:

please don’t stop caring.

Things I learned This Week…

-I have a chest infection. Which would explain why I’ve been sick for 5 weeks. Am now on antibiotics. Huzzah!

-if you have indigestion, sleep on your left side. I had awful heartburn the other night from eating peanut butter (don’t ask) and I was lying on my right side. As soon as I flipped over, burp! Much better.

-Shatte Me by Tahereh Mafi is a very good book. Quick and fun paced. Comes out November 15th I think.

-if you don’t brush your hair, you will get knots. Big ones.

-tomorrow is my birthday! And I have a date day. But I’m sick. So it’ll be interesting.

-the best way to knit a scarf if you can’t knit, is to buy those dummy knit thingys where all you have to do is wind yarn around pegs. Huzzah! scarves for everyone!

In honour of my birthday tomorrow, of which I have to wear a dress, I will be giving away a copy of my new book. So, I don’t know how to do the draw… I know, whoever wishes me a happy birthday will go into the draw!!! And I will mail it anywhere!!!

Reading: Hunger Games…again. Shipbreaker is downstairs and I am too lazy to get it.

Drinking: pure chai from David’s tea. mmm.

Watching: past Glee episodes as I cough up a lung in bed…


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