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Month: December 2011

Happy Christmas!

It’s so pretty to sit in the dark of the library with twinkly Christmas lights outside the window and thick snowflakes cascading on everything.  I stepped out earlier to play with the neurotic dog, Daisy, and it was just so quiet. I don’t know if it was because everyone was inside enjoying their festivities or if because the snow has a beautiful way of blanketing out all sounds. And yet, when it makes everything so quiet and peaceful, you can almost make out the sound of falling snow.

I couldn’t help but sing.

“Silent night, Holy night,

all is calm, all is bright …”

And at that moment, I was singing praises to God for this gorgeous, gorgeous night. For all the love He has brought into my life, the trials I have fought through and learned so much, and for the blessings. Oh the blessings. And for a moment, a brief shining moment, my voice was actually pretty. And the thick snowflakes landing in my hair, landing on my nose and eyelashes as I looked up into the sky, I felt pretty.  And terribly loved by my Maker.  And even though the child was in bed and the man is at work, probably  not even going to sleep tonight with all the fire calls, I felt so full of company in my heart.

I pray you find your solace, your heart, your song and your pretty voice tonight. And you realize that you are so not alone.


Merry Christmas.

Mumble, mumble.

1 -There isn’t any snow. Which is kinda sucky. But then it allows hubby to do more treework. Which is good.

2- Just came from doctor. Turns out I can do NOTHING about my knee. My kneecap is sitting on my femur. Which is why it hurts so freaking much when I kneel. Thus, no kneeling allowed. Yes, I did cry for a moment. I begged for an operation. He said no. I was too young and new knees only last ten years. And then they fall apart. Which means I’d be in a walker at 48. That’s bad. But some cyclists (read: hardcore) develop amazingly huge delts and their kneecap is pushed off their femur so it doesn’t hurt. So if I begin training in cycling, or speedskating, and I train for about two hours a day, in about ten years, I may not be sore. But I can only go on the stupid reclining bike. Because of alignment. Because when I do cardio, I’m not allowed to straighten my leg, or bend it more than 45 degrees. ??? This is where I sigh, roll my eyes and shed one tear because I can’t figure out how I’m going to love on my gardens next year.

I can’t think of anything else to complain about.

Ok, counting blessings now:

1- Christmas is here.

2- Christmas holidays start friday. I can’t wait to have child home all day. And I get to sleep in. And take three hours to move in the morning (ie drink three cups of tea while child plays)

3- I’m healthy?

4 – hubby isn’t doing trees during holidays

5- I’ve caught my muse. And for some reason she’s only around at 4pm.


reading: Shatter Me (again) and about to begin ‘Withering Tights’

drinking: pumpkin spice tea, butterrum tea and decaf soy eggnog latte. yum

watching: tonight? Glee?



Look! It’s me! Teeheheeeee!!!

Reading: Just put down the Magicians. Do not read it. Awful.

Drinking: Buttered Rum tea from David’s! New favourite!

Watching: Glee. Suburgatory is on tonight. Yay!

Listening to: Hubby nap and at this very moment: Don’t Smoke in Bed by Nina Simone

I Know, I know…

See, I started by writing a draft of books I have in my library. In case anyone ever wondered what I read. Because sometimes I wonder what people read. You can probably tell a lot about a person by what they read. For example, if people just read ‘the classics’ and that’s all, you can probably guarantee that they are snobs.  People who just read a lot of magazines are probably uncommitted and busy. Or have ADD.  People who just read chick lit are probably desperate for something in their lives. And horror books, well… I don’t know what to think. Maybe they want something to change?  And I will post what I have, soon. But ohmyword I have a lot of books. I mean, I didn’t think I had a lot? But I do. Because it’s taking me forever to write them down. And I really should be working on my book. Instead of knitting so much (24 days and 6 scarves to go!). And I have been visiting schools. Why just this week I was at Merivale High school talking to students on how to become a writer.  And today I’m at St. Thomas More. And next week I’m at Grant Alternative and Lady of Mount Carmel.

See, so I’m busy.

No really, I am.


24 days till Christmas! Squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

reading: Memoires of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin

drinking: pure chai tea

watching: the Office


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