First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you to the people who have taken the time to write me a letter of encouragement. Your letters mean so much more than you ever know. Do you know that I print them off and tape them into an ‘encouragement’ book so I can look at it periodically? Thank you.

So. What’s new? Well, I’ve submitted my manuscript to a publisher (the YA dystopian one) and I am awaiting an answer on that. In the meantime, I’m working on the Amish one. Which isn’t ‘technically’ Amish because when you think of Amish books, you think of your typical ‘life in the community of’, but this is more with a twist. So I’ve been working on that. Slowly. And funny enough, the music that has been ‘musing’ me through, is the ‘Brother’s’ album by the ‘Black Keys’. Go figure. I’m at about 10,000 words and have many more to go. But I keep wondering outloud how things will tie together. Because tying is always important. Especially when wearing shoes.

And then I think about all the other ‘plots’ I want to write about. I’ve got this ‘Journal’ one that’s brewing in my heart (temporary title so it makes sense to hubby when I start spouting off things…) so I’ve made a very important decision. Depending on of course, what I am listening to and what moves me, I will be working on three novels. Which could be complicated, but I’m going to print them out and place them in three different stacks so that I can reread what I need to and get in the groove. Because honestly? I should be done by now!!!


Incidentally, I also posted two blogs on the International Christian Fiction Writers’ blog, and here they are. This one and this one.

happy spring to you!