Well, life just flies, doesn’t it?

Went and came back from North Carolina. Got a lot of writing done. Almost had it finished. And then decided to slow the plot down. Add more… poetic words. Make it fabulously YA. I think I only have another 15,000 words to go. Sadly, or fortunately, it needs a sequel. Which is already mostly written. Hm.

Went to NY for anniversary. Met lovely editor person. He said the nicest thing. He said, “Well, you know you’re a good writer.” And that made my heart sing.

I have been invited to the Pot Pourri Gala! I was asked to read and do a back cover write up on many talented students who submitted their poems and stories to the library and it was made into a beautiful book.

I will be TEACHING writing at the April’s MASC! I am so crazy excited about that. Specially selected students from various schools are participating in writing workshops for three days, and I get to teach one. Also? Charles DeLint is going to be there! I. AM. SO. GEEKED! I get to have lunch with the man!! I’m sure I’ll say something absolutely innappropriate and nonsensical. I wonder if he’ll run away if I hand him 8 books to be signed?

Aaaaaaand, Jackson Jones: the tale of a Boy, a Troll and a Rather Large Chicken will be coming out in paperback in October! Yay! Which means, I must do a give away.

And also? Am very honoured and pleased that my son’s school is going to be doing Jackson Jones book 2 as part of the curriculum this year… my toes are tingling….