Sometimes? I have cool friends who let me do cool stuff. I don’t mean that my friends aren’t cool, because actually ALL of my friends are cool, which¬†makes me want to be their friend, which in turn, makes me cool. Or something. Or maybe my coolness rubs off onto them?¬† Hm… something I haven’t figured out yet.

Ok. So I have this super-cool friend who owns a Comic Book Shop. Now please understand, I like comics but I’m very ignorant. I know who most superheroes are and I adore Archie (why oh why does he keep picking Veronica? Although Betty seriously needs to grow a back-bone) and I like Snoopy (who doesn’t????) but that’s the extent. So when I asked (read: begged on my knees and cried like a little girl who had skinned her knees severely) if I could work at Comic-Con, he said


It took me months to figure out a costume. Something super-cool, right?

Lara Croft, of course!

And I worked my cookies off. I sold t-shirts with a super-cool girl named Michelle and it was fun and exhausting. And then Saturday I moped around the house because I wanted to go back and I was so tired that I was grouchy and unpleasant to my boys and finally my husband made me have a nap and I felt better. And the next day was Mother’s Day. But hubby was working. So I dressed up my child into GI Joe and we worked the t-shirt deparment again. Along with walking around and taking pictures of supercool costumes and then we got t-shirts!!!!!


Here we are, all tough and whatnot…IMG_1468

Best part? When the boy said I was cool.





Reading: Dead After Dark (I know, I know!)

Eating: Shawarma. Which was an immediate mistake

Listening to: a plane?