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Month: July 2013

‘Cause I’m leavin’, on a jet plane!’

Actually I don’t really like that song. Isn’t that awful?


Next week is the SCBWI conference! I’m so excited and nervous!

I have never been to SoCal! Actually, I’ve never been west, with the exception of Vancouver, but I think I was 13 at the time and I don’t remember a lot? (narcolepsy?)

Of course, it’s only a 4-day conference. But I need a ‘handler’. I get barfy on planes (like ALL the time) so hubby is coming so I can drown myself in gravol/Dramamine.  But airmiles never fly when you want them to, so now a four-day trip is eight. Of which it is far too expensive to get a hotel the entire time, and who wants an 8-day stay in Century City, so we’ve booked a vrbo thingy and I’ll stay at the hotel on the weekend, because somehow it’s cheaper that way. Go figure. So now, the boy is coming too. Airmiles are awesome. Even if they make you take FOUR flights to get there.

I will get to listen to very important people talk about the world of publishing, and I’ll get to meet authors I am absolutely crazy about (looking right at YOU, Tahereh Mafi!!!), and I’ll get to LEARN all kinds of lovely things. And possibly snag an agent?  For the manuscript I have just completed??  Yes? That would be lovely.

So for the past week, instead of unpacking and gardening and cleaning my house, I’ve been researching which sessions to attend (two a day, ten at a time) and what to wear. Because it’s business casual. I have no idea what that means, except that it means no sweatpants. Or jeans. So… yeah. Lots of planning. And ironing. And vacuuming suitcases that are full of spiders (don’t even get me started).  And planning a car rental. And planning to visit Venice (where we are staying – I think) and the BEACH!!!!!

And of course I caught a cold.

Six days ago.

No, it’s not better. I’m stuffy, my ears are in constant pain and I could just cry at any moment.

Am praying for another miracle…

oooooh! Also? I get to meet a fan!  Oh, I hate using that word. How about, I get to meet a new friend? Her name is Claire and she lives out in SoCal and she wrote me, like, 3 years ago, and she just sent me a package of books to read (friends for life!) and I just read one of them and it was brilliant!!! So now I get to meet her and I’m so excited!!!! Yay! Hi Claire!

So. Off to another adventure!!!

drinking: vitamin C water stuff that’s fizzy and weird

listening to: dog licking her lips a lot. It’s suppertime.

reading: Claire sent me ‘The Boy on Cinnamon Street’ by Phoebe Stone and why aren’t you reading it already???? Oh, it is wonderful!!!!!

Travelling Here, There and Everywhere!

Gosh, where haven’t I been?


Actually, that’s a lie. My body has been here, but my brain and heart have been elsewhere.

We just got back from Manhattan! Actually we got back over 2.5 weeks ago, but I have almost finished unpacking. Which is good because soon we leave for LA!  I sound really … snooty, don’t I?

We were fortunate enough to do a house exchange with a family that lived on 187th (waaaaaaaay past Harlem) in a teeny tiny apartment with a whole kitchen and a bedroom, and a funny bathroom with a commercial toilet of which I broke immediately.  I’m still not sure how I managed to do that, because all I did was clean the weird white stuff off the top (commercial toilet=no tank) and then it stopped flushing. Like the handle would NOT go down. At all.  Sweet, resourceful hubby tried fixing it (after walking through very scary neighbourhood and finding a firehall that just happened to have a firefighter walking by the locked doors, of which he told hubby, stop walking through this neighbourhood, it’s scary) and bringing home a pipe wrench to discover we couldn’t turn the water off, and no, the bright blue tap to the left of the toilet did not turn off the water of the toilet, it turned the water off to the tub. (????) so we had to wait until superintendent person fixed it two days later. BTW? Toilets drain on their own if you pour water into them! Apparently gravity pushes…everything down the drain! Now you know!

We spent our first day finding Bryant Park (have you never been?) which is behind the incredibly gorgeous Library with two stone lions.  We quickly toured it and crashed on the grass in the park because there was some dancing displays (some good- some very modern and I have no idea what they were interpreting because I was too tired to think) and we drank lemonades and I taught the boy ‘perspective’ as we drew the back of the building.

bryant park  (back of library)


sleeping hunk


and hubby went sleepies…..







(FYI? I have yet to figure out my blog and photos…)

The next day, the child went scootering… without pants…

owie                you know what’s fun?  Pouring peroxide onto a screaming child… that’s fun.  I can’t imagine a better time.  And keeping it clean without gauze sticking to it when it was 47C every single day?









Annie!  And of course we hit Broadway – we saw Annie, with Jane Lynch.  Who was marvelous of course, how could she not be?  She hammed it up as she should and drew many giggles from the crowd.  And I got to have a beer! Inside the theater! Inside an Annie glass! Isn’t that hilarious? It was, of course, delicious.


Here we are after getting soaked twice. First time we were in shorts on the way to dinner and we got soaked. So we changed into our nice clothes in the washrooms and then we got soaked again right before we got to Palace Theatre.  At least it was warm out.  Sorry about the fuzzy photo – I blame hubby.




So, in a nutshell. We visited, Central Park, the Natural History Museum 2x, the Cloisters, Brooklyn Gardens (wow – and boy was it hot!), the Spice Market (restaurant – 4x!! the food is incredible!), um….and I spent four hours at the library, writing, while an elderly gentleman sat across from me, wearing a green suit and just sat there, his hands crossed and watched people.  I have no idea if he was security or waiting for his wife or what… I snuck a photo… but I’m not posting it…I’ll get into trouble or something.

And Union Square for fresh fruit… oh how I’ve missed the taste of apples!

It was hectic and insane and we hit up Cranx BMX park on the way home in Syracuse, where hubby bought a BMX bike. And then the next day, the boy tried to hop a roller and split open his chin which required a trip to the hospital and gluing.

My life is not boring.

This page is too long and thus I shall continue on the next post.

Listening to: ‘Royales’ by Lorde (how are you not listening???)

drinking: peppermint tea – which I hate, but I’m sick



Two Very Cool Things

Ok, so while the boy and I were at Comic-Con a few weeks ago, we got our photo taken with someone very special and very hairy. And they finally published it onto their website and here it is:

and he didn't eat us

and he didn’t eat us

I don’t know why the configuring is all messed up. One day I will take the time to watch the wordpress videos on how to upload pics properly. And the other crazy cool thing is… well, I have a favourite author. And I fell in love with his writing way back when I was like,… 20 and I was working as a bartender at Swiss Chalet (yes, they had bartenders and I had to wear a polyester suit with nylons for crying out loud). Anyway, I met him at MASC in April and I was all goosey and silly and fully geeked out and he was absolutely lovely. Just like I had imagined. So. After we hit it off (because I am so cool, you see) we began emailing each other just little haikus and poetry. And then I threw my pride to the wind (I try to do it as often as possible. It’s called ‘being brave’) and invited him and his lovely wife for dinner. And they said YES!!!! So they came this past Sunday and it was delightful and they are very cool people who are thoughtful and smart and so… non-vanilla. It was a dream come true! And here is a pic of both of us at MASC and I am laughing because I am so hyped up. Can’t imagine why…

EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! And I didn't scare him away!


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