Soon, we are going on another road trip. To Tennessee, y’all. Do you know how long of a drive that is? Do you know how long of a drive that is with a child and a neurotic dog?

Oh yeah.

So while homeschooling this morning (what? I didn’t tell you?), I was browsing through Amazon (because it’s awesome) and I started thinking of movies that we hadn’t seen in like, forever, and how much fun would it be to watch them on our drive down? Because I’m taking gravol and giving the kid gravol and making hubby drive the entire time.  So, here’s my list of oldies, but goodies.

1- Snowball Express

snowball Do you guys remember this movie? 1972!  This guy on the cover, Dean Jones, who was in MANY Disney movies, inherits an old beat-up hotel.  So he quits his job and they move in. Of course, being the ever-optimist, he decides to fix it up and make it into a ski lodge.  So you get to see the old-school tow-lines, the old skis, the crazy snowmobile race so he can keep his lodge. It’s fantastic. The way I remember it best, is when the mom checks out the kitchen and opens the stove door. And then she slams it shut. Because there is a family of raccoons living inside.

This is a good movie.






2- Pollyanna

PollyannaPollyanna is actually a novel written by Eleanor H. Porter, back in 1913.  It was made into a Disney movie in 1960, with the ever-famous, Haley Mills.  First of all, the novel is absolutely wonderful. We’re talking, right up there with miss Anne of Green Gables.  It’s wonderful.  Now, you’ll recognize Haley Mills from another movie, ‘Parent Trap’ (am I the only one jealous of their mother, who could tie a dish towel around her waist???), which is equally wonderful.  Pollyanna comes from a poor family, and her parents passed away. Her father was a minister. She is sent to live with her aunt, a spinster if you will, who, by choice, refused to forgive her beau and lives in bitterness. Pollyanna shows up on her doorstep to be taken care of, and her aunt does not show any kindness to her. But Pollyanna wins the hearts of everyone in the town by her cheerful attitude, (there is good in everything!) and the staff at the house.  I won’t spoil the ending, but it’s awesome and you will cry like a baby.





Ok, that’s only two. Posting these photos and whatnot take a lot of work, and I have to pack to go on a retreat. I will add to this later.

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