27 days.  Holy toledo.  It’s blowing my mind.

However, it won’t be coming to Canada for three weeks after that. Which makes no sense to me at all. Which means I will be dragging my husband down to Syracuse to the nearest Barnes and Noble to see my book on the shelf.  I’m sure a trip to ProBass will be in order as well.  But the really cool news? My book is going to be sold at Costco! Isn’t that amazing? I don’t even know how that happened.  Brilliant editor Kathleen said it was because of the video. Which I actually didn’t think was that great, but aren’t we all our own worst critic? I’ll post it once I figure out how.


Today I have a sales marketing meeting. In 5 minutes.  To talk about the marketing plans. So why am I so nervous? I have nervous poops.  I hate that. Granted, I always feel better after going (is that too much info?) but it still sucks.


The writing: going well I think. I’m sorta stuck on the tree fort part. Should I take it out? Should he find another room in one? Should there be a fight scene?  sigh.

I was reading my book last night (did I mention they came??? I have to download the photos but they are currently stored in hubby’s phone and can’t find adaptor) and man… it’s good. I don’t want to brag but it’s soo good. And now I am suffering from ‘this isn’t goodenoughitis’.

Or something.

1 minute to meeting.

wish me luck.