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Author Archives: Jenn Kelly

About Jenn Kelly

Jenn Kelly lives in Ottawa, Canada, but her heart lives in Paris. Or New York. She hasn't decided yet. But she likes snow. She failed English Lit in University, so she studied Forestry. Because trees are awesome. She has published two middle-grade fiction: "Jackson Jones: the Tale of a Boy, an Elf and a Very, Stinky Fish', and 'JJ: the Tale of a Boy, a Troll and a Rather Large Chicken'. She is trying to finish a YA while pretending to clean the house. She loves chai lattes, fresh cut grass, rare steak and snuggles.

One Word

Pneumonia.   I’ve already lost 5 days of my life…

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True Love

When your hubby understands your deepest desires…  

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Theory on How to Survive the Wilderness

Today I was playing with my silly doggie and I realized how much dogs love squeaky toys. And cats love laser pointers. Theory:  while camping, bring a squeaky toy and a laser pointer.   In case you encounter any cougars or wolves.   Just a thought.

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Fake Geek Girls, Unite!

My entrance into the Capital Geek Girls has encouraged me to open my eyes to new things.  For example, this Saturday I’m going to watch pro-wrestling. Or amateur wrestling. Or whatever it is.  I’ve never watched wrestling. I think it’s silly and I don’t care to watch girls in teeny outfits parade around the ring.  But … Continue reading »

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New Things…

So a new year is all about trying new things and becoming more brave. I can announce that I applied to be a ‘quasi-writer’ for a very cool Geek Site, and they said yes!  I was introduced to the Capital Geek Girls way back when I was allowed to work the Ottawa Comic-Con.  Jordan is a … Continue reading »

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