The Ottawa Citizen was kind enough to mention my book. And they mentioned it well!

Jackson Jones: The tale of a boy, an elf and a very stinky fish

By Jenn Kelly, illustrated by Arian Elsammak

Zonderkidz, $14.99


Jackson, a 10½-year-old boy who should be in Grade 5 but instead is in Grade 6, feels small and friendless at his new school and is intent on writing fabulous stories in which he is the hero. But, to his dismay, nothing interesting ever happens to him — until he falls into his very short Great-Aunt Harriett’s “very, very, very, very, very, very, very thick hair” where elf Meeka holds hourly tours accompanied by a smelly fish. Meeka takes him to a magical bookstore and an equally exotic cafeteria, then they encounter Meeka’s huntress sister, who protects birds from bubble-gum chewing critters called crubbies. In a series of further adventures reminiscent of Alice Though the Looking Glass, Jackson learns some life lessons, finds he is no longer friendless and performs a heroic, life-saving deed. The story also has a spiritual edge to it, leavened with mystery, humour and adventure. The book is broken into amusingly-titled chapters (i. e. “No longer the First Chapter;” “A Very Hairy Chapter,” and “In Which This Book Really Begins”). It is not a picture book, though there are apt illustrations.

Kirstin Endemann

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