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I have the gorgeous honour of ‘teaching’ a writing workshop at the MASC Conference next April! I get to rub shoulders with very important and fantastic authors and illustrators. If you would like to attend are in grade 4-8, then please take a look at the registration! I’d love to meet you. 



  1. Samantha LeClair

    November 18, 2011 at 09:41

    How can I buy your books???

  2. Well, if you’re in the Ottawa area, I can drop one off at your house! Or if you are far far away, you can try Chapters, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, and this Christmas, Costco! Many Independent book stores carry them too. If you would like them to be signed, you could send me your address info at!

  3. Kelsie Tuck

    May 13, 2012 at 19:31

    I JUST finished reading book one of jackson jones. I have been reading it every night because I have to do a game board book report project on it. I found your book was so interesting with all the different rooms and adventures that jackson goes through, but when i got to the last chapter, I was really confused. i was confused because in the book, you never really explained where jackson was or who the Author really was. If i’m doing a book report on it, I don’t know where the setting took place or who the Author was.

  4. Stewart Travers

    March 17, 2014 at 21:18

    Were you doing a book report on Jackson Jones number 1? Because in the first book, he’s in his grandmas hair. And ‘The Author’ is sort of a guardian watching over Jackson and everyone else making sure they’re safe and loving them. In a way, a literature god. But sometimes I think this ‘Author’ is Jenn Kelly, because the author is constantly pausing to take a sip from her mocha chatte. I THINK I got that right, but if now, sorry.

    Jenn Kelly, I ADORE your books, and I am so thankful that your doing a praise for me! (Have fun at the Imagine Dragons)

  5. When is your next Jackson Jones book being published?

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