of myself as a disorganized, organized person.

I have all my plans and dates in three different date books but they are scattered throughout the house. I have discarded papers all over my library floor (editing) but I can tell you that my journal is underneath the pile of blank papers over by the second printer. I can tell you that my July student loan payment receipts (yes, still paying them off!) are underneath the empty bowl, empty plate, other journal and a book on the black bookshelf.  I can tell you that I have a stack of magazines (all Bon Appetit, Cooking Light and some Writer’s Magazines) are beside the chair, stacked, underneath two bibles (I like different translations) and part of my manuscript.  I can tell you that my brown jacket is underneath my party dress that I wore two nights ago, which is lying over the chair.

I thought for sure I had four weeks until the edited version was due.

It’s two.


Reading: Pollyanna Grows Up

Eating: chai latte! hello? I’m writing!

Watching: IronMan 2

Listening to: clock ticking