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Ideas for Launch Party

I do plan on having a huge party in December for specific guests to launch my book. The question is, how to make it fantastically wonderful, with minimum amount of cash?

I want it to be a frivolous party. A party where people dress in frivolousness. I want white twinkly lights everywhere. I want the jazzy music playing that I listened to while I wrote the book. I need a disco ball.

I think I need to serve chocolate chip cookies.

Hm…a cookie party? I know cupcakes are a big deal in the states. But what about cookies? Wouldn’t it be cool if I could make cookie cutouts of my characters? How cool would that be?

Where am I supposed to find a welder?

Book: Pride and Prejudice. Just finished Coastliners by Johanne Harris

Music: boiling of eggs

Movie: Batman

Food: dark icy squares

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  1. ooh ooh ooh! I have an idea, and it’s frivolous, and would be so very very cool, and lots of work but did I mention cool? Of course this could be a thinly-veiled excuse to get together.

    Take your pick. 😉

    but I really do have an idea.

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