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New Things…

So a new year is all about trying new things and becoming more brave.

I can announce that I applied to be a ‘quasi-writer’ for a very cool Geek Site, and they said yes!  I was introduced to the Capital Geek Girls way back when I was allowed to work the Ottawa Comic-Con.  Jordan is a pretty cool chick (which I hope she doesn’t mind me calling her a ‘chick’. But I’m a chick, so it shouldn’t matter), and she runs this cool club.

Well. I was asked to write something of ‘geek-girl’ news, and I pondered and stressed and finally came up with this. I hope you like it.

And please read the rest of the blog. It’s crazy neat.


Listening to: child talk to himself in bed about Harry Potter

Eating: nothing. I’m hungry!

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  1. Very cool Jenn, congrats!

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