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How to Deal with Bad News…

Sometimes, in the publishing world, you get bad news. Awful news. Devastating news. And sometimes you get lovely news. And fantastic news. And heart-stopping, dream-making news.

But today we talk about how to deal with bad news.

Bad news #1: Your manuscript was rejected.

If this is the first rejection, it will be the hardest. You will anxiously open your email, tell everyone who is around you to shut up and you will read. And then your heart stops. And then you frown.  And then you get mad. Real mad. Who do you think you are? You can’t reject me! I’m brilliant! What is wrong with you? And you will debate emailing them back and asking them if they still do their mother’s laundry. Don’t.

How to deal?  Cry. You’re allowed. Eat chocolate. Have red wine and popcorn for supper. Throw something and think irrational thoughts. And then get over it. Because no one likes hanging around a self-pitier. Your book was rejected, your father did not just die. Get perspective. There are two reasons why you were rejected: 1) your book sucks or 2) you haven’t made the connection yet.

Be patient.

Bad News #2:  The editors removed a rather large chunk of what you wrote, because they don’t like it.

How to deal?  Cry. You’re allowed. Eat chocolate. Have red wine and popcorn for supper. Throw something and think irrational thoughts. And then get over it. Time to look at two options. 1) argue with your editor or 2)allow the changes

Arguing with your editor can be good or it can be bad. Try not to use any bad words or criticisms. Editors are terribly smart and there is a reason why they have the job they do. They also have the power to make you look good or bad. Editors talk. If you are a bad person they don’t like talking to, it’ll get around.  Ask your editor why? If it is terribly pertinent to the story, explain. If they are firm, how can you be changed? Or, when it happens to me, I think about it, pray about it and ask God to either change them, or me.

Bad News #3:  Your book isn’t coming out on the release date.

How to deal? sigh and get over it. You can’t change that. No matter what. Get focused on the next project.

So:  today I got to edit some stuff I didn’t really want to, but I think with some super creative ideas, I can make it rock even more so.

And my second book won’t be out until October. Instead of August.


Watching: Glee

Reading: Bourne Identity

Eating: cheeseburgers

A Good Editor

I got to talk to the ever-lovely, ever-brilliant Kathleen today on the phone. Which is a super big treat for me. Like having two lattes in one day, but waaaay better.

We discussed her moving and how happy I am for her and how much God is blessing her and her husband with this.  We discussed greenhouses, birthdays, the train and long-distance relationships and Amish Fiction. We discussed possibilities.

She said what I was afraid to think.

This second book may be the last Jackson Jones. I don’t know. I won’t know for awhile. The numbers don’t come out until January and then they’ll decide.

But she made me look past that. She said, Jackson Jones may have 15 books. Or it may just have two. But there are so many more books left inside you to write.

Gosh that made me cry.

Not because it would be, could be, might be the end of Jackson Jones. But that I really do have more books within me. And then she told me that I was a good writer. And that I was a real person. A genuine person who loves God.

And of course that made me cry more.

A good editor reaches into your heart and makes it pump faster. A good editor makes you wish  more, dream bigger, believe in yourself more. A good editor shows you your weaknesses and your strengths and puts up with your vulnerable moments of self-doubt and loathing.

Now I’ll have to write a grown-up book so I can keep her…

Reading: Nicolae (third book in series)

Eating: apple

Watching: Sharks Tale

Listening to: my happy yet sad tears drip on my shirt.

Why am I Procrastinating?

That’s a question unto itself, isn’t it?

I am procrastinating because I need to re-write my book.

Ick. But fun!

Gladly, happily, giddy-ly, I have a new beginning. And I like it a lot.  And I think lovely Kathleen likes it too. Not sure yet.  Maybe?

One issue I seem to have: I use too many adjectives. 

I wonder why? I think, in my own opinion, which may or may not be intelligent, I think that there are not enough adjectives out there.  I wish you could say to your computer, “I’m looking for a word that means fantastic/happy/ecstatic/purposeful/glad. ” And then it would spew out the perfect word.  Because I could use ecstatic, but it’s too … flaky.  I could use glad, but it’s not strong enough.  I could use happy, but it’s not right. Fantastic? Meh.  Maybe I should just make up my own words. Hm.. I’d use the word:  eccelpy.  There. Perfect.  Look at it in a sentence.

“She was eccelpastic.”   See? It works? Says everything in one word. For us wordy folks. A-hem.

Oh wait, must get back to writing….


Reading:  Harper’s Bazaar (I know, I’m such a girl sometimes)

Listening to: CBC radio

Eating: chai latte! hello? I’m editing!

Watching: tonight? nothing. am going out to dinner.


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