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Two Very Cool Things

Ok, so while the boy and I were at Comic-Con a few weeks ago, we got our photo taken with someone very special and very hairy. And they finally published it onto their website and here it is:

and he didn't eat us

and he didn’t eat us

I don’t know why the configuring is all messed up. One day I will take the time to watch the wordpress videos on how to upload pics properly. And the other crazy cool thing is… well, I have a favourite author. And I fell in love with his writing way back when I was like,… 20 and I was working as a bartender at Swiss Chalet (yes, they had bartenders and I had to wear a polyester suit with nylons for crying out loud). Anyway, I met him at MASC in April and I was all goosey and silly and fully geeked out and he was absolutely lovely. Just like I had imagined. So. After we hit it off (because I am so cool, you see) we began emailing each other just little haikus and poetry. And then I threw my pride to the wind (I try to do it as often as possible. It’s called ‘being brave’) and invited him and his lovely wife for dinner. And they said YES!!!! So they came this past Sunday and it was delightful and they are very cool people who are thoughtful and smart and so… non-vanilla. It was a dream come true! And here is a pic of both of us at MASC and I am laughing because I am so hyped up. Can’t imagine why…

EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! And I didn't scare him away!


Sometimes? I have cool friends who let me do cool stuff. I don’t mean that my friends aren’t cool, because actually ALL of my friends are cool, which makes me want to be their friend, which in turn, makes me cool. Or something. Or maybe my coolness rubs off onto them?  Hm… something I haven’t figured out yet.

Ok. So I have this super-cool friend who owns a Comic Book Shop. Now please understand, I like comics but I’m very ignorant. I know who most superheroes are and I adore Archie (why oh why does he keep picking Veronica? Although Betty seriously needs to grow a back-bone) and I like Snoopy (who doesn’t????) but that’s the extent. So when I asked (read: begged on my knees and cried like a little girl who had skinned her knees severely) if I could work at Comic-Con, he said


It took me months to figure out a costume. Something super-cool, right?

Lara Croft, of course!

And I worked my cookies off. I sold t-shirts with a super-cool girl named Michelle and it was fun and exhausting. And then Saturday I moped around the house because I wanted to go back and I was so tired that I was grouchy and unpleasant to my boys and finally my husband made me have a nap and I felt better. And the next day was Mother’s Day. But hubby was working. So I dressed up my child into GI Joe and we worked the t-shirt deparment again. Along with walking around and taking pictures of supercool costumes and then we got t-shirts!!!!!


Here we are, all tough and whatnot…IMG_1468

Best part? When the boy said I was cool.





Reading: Dead After Dark (I know, I know!)

Eating: Shawarma. Which was an immediate mistake

Listening to: a plane?

Not Been Around?

I plead innocent. My computer was broken.

If I could write in white today, I would.

The world is covered by thick white snow. It started snowing 5 hours ago and it hasn’t stopped yet. I’ve already dragged the gaffer out for a walk in it. Soft, swirling fluffy flakes landing on everything that stands still.  I love these days. The Christmas lights were turned on early (did I mention our tree has been up since November?) and it’s beautiful.

The gaffer is downstairs focusing on Christmas cards for his schoolmates. And I?

I am thinking of Amish Romance again.

I met an old school chum this week as she bought a couple of books and she’s terribly creative and gifted. And as we chatted, I mentionned the change of book audience and she was surprised. We discussed giving up one’s … creativity for the sake of money. Basically, ‘selling-out’.

I have so many ideas for so many different books. I have a picture book idea in mind and I also have the plot line of my amish one.  While I will accept that I was given a pretty good gift of writing, I have no problem writing books I don’t enjoy tremendously on a personal level, provided it brings in money.

Now don’t sound so shocked. My man works two jobs. I work none. Therefore, if I can make enough money that he only needs to work one? Then I’ve done my part. The end.

My greatest joy writing is poetry. And I can do that anywhere at anytime. It only takes five minutes to purge out something fantastic (my opinion anyway) once you have a delicious phrase. And a true joy would be to have my poetry bound properly. I’ve always wanted that. Maybe one day when I have nothing to do with my time and I have the debt thing sorted out. Then I”ll print all of it on yellow paper.

Listening to: Christmas carols and our neighbour chopping wood

Eating: gluten-free pumpkin scones (not bad)

Watching: the gorgeous snow fall

Reading: Desecration and Karen Kingsbury’s book um… something about a line. or something.

Fan Mail!!!

I haven’t figured out if it’s tacky to post fan mail or not. I think I’ll eschew formalities because I’m just so gosh darn excited about it!  The following is from Berkeley. California? Hope you don’t mind MO!


My younger daughter (10) is an avid reader and really fickle. It takes her hours of picking over titles before she settles on book. She’ll look at the cover, the back cover, the synopsis, the author’s description of herself, and read the first chapter before committing. Once she’s made a decision, it’s best to get out of the way, as she will disappear in her room until the book is done.

Anyway, she picked _Jackson Jones_ last week, and ripped through it. I’ll have to find a place to post the pictures she drew after finishing the book. The sketches will eventually be turned into a shadow box, which is her mission over the Thanksgiving break.

Last night, I spent a couple of hours with her back at the book store looking for something that was worthy of following JJ. No luck. She was in tears about it. (I think that may of had something to do with her dread of having Thanksgiving weekend at her Grandma’s with nothing to read.)

I just wanted you to know you have a rabid fan here in Berkeley. If you are ever in the area for a signing, please let us know.

I hope you have continued success with your writing.



I have decided to buy beautiful stationary and send out thank you notes to fan mail writers. Because 1) mail is almost dead and 2) who doesn’t like getting cards in the mail?

In other news: spent an hour on the phone with lovely Kathleen and must have all edits done by Thursday. Maybe Friday at the latest. Then the book will be finished (being written and awaiting publication) before she’s gone. Here’s praying for an awesome new editor!!!

Eating: salted caramel hot chocolate with soy. oh my good golly it’s gooooood!

Watching: nothing! Are you kidding me? I’m on page 16 of 136!

Listening to: annoying Christmas music. The radio kind, not the soft pretty kind. Must change stations.

Reading: Assassins.  Vogue.

School Presentations

 Yesterday was very cool.

I got to do three presentations at two schools on behalf of the Ottawa Writer’s Festival.

The first school was Robert Bateman and the kids were grades 4-6. There were about 130 of them. The library was packed! And they were so much fun. I had volunteers come up and help act out a story that they made up as we went along. It was fun. The protagonist had the gift of extra smelly farts that melted the jail cell bars that the villain had put him into.

The second school was FJ MacDonald and the first presentation was for the grades 1-3. We only had half an hour so we acted out Jackson Jones. Once the little girl put on the huge wig to be Great Aunt Harriett the kids were killing themselves with laughter. After that presentation was the older kids and we acted out another story. It didn’t go as well as the first but it was still a lot of fun.

At the end of the day, my throat hurt from ‘projecting’, my feet hurt and I had a headache. I honestly don’t know how teachers do it. They are amazing.

*I totally ‘geeked’ (Kathleen’s word) when I saw that my name was in the Ottawa Writer’s Festival brochure on the same line as Charles De Lint!


Tomorrow is another presentation at the Orleans Public Library on Orleans Road at 1pm.


reading: The Bucolic Plague by Josh Kilmer-Purcell  lovin’ it.

eating: tacos! ole!

watching: nothing.

listening to: the boy build lego stairs

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