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CHRI Interview

yes, yes I did make a complete fool of myself. Can I mention before you listen that my dog walked into the library halfway through the interview and decided to start making upchuck noises? CHRI – Interview   Reading: the Night Circus Drinking: chai latte Eating: pasta? Listening to: child smashing things in the tub … Continue reading »

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CBC Interview

I ‘think’ this will work when uploaded. I hope you enjoy listening… CBC   Reading: Corsets and Clockworks  (I think) Drinking: homemade vanilla decaf soy latte Watching: Glee!

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Radio Interview

with Live 88.5 tomorrow at around 8:40am! It was taped awhile ago so hopefully it came out ok.. You can listen live at Reading: Girl in the Arena by Lisa Haines. wow. Listening to: nothing Eating: water. am napping soon. have cold.

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Interview on 91.5FM

My mind is still reeling. That was so much fun. I was so nervous waiting in the waiting room. But once I sat down? It was awesome.  I loved it. I’ve always wanted to be a dj/announcer/newsperson etc.  This small part of me seems to thrive in the spotlight/on stage etc.  I don’t really remember … Continue reading »

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Interview #4

Ok, so we find Jenn to be on the couch in the sunroom with a laptop on her lap and she’s watching SYTYCD. She’s wearing a worn gray t-shirt and green Hollister jogging pants, that are far too large. She’s drinking the new pink grapefruit Perrier water and her neurotic dog, Daisy, is asleep on … Continue reading »

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