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CHRI Interview

yes, yes I did make a complete fool of myself. Can I mention before you listen that my dog walked into the library halfway through the interview and decided to start making upchuck noises? CHRI – Interview   Reading: the Night Circus Drinking: chai latte Eating: pasta? Listening to: child smashing things in the tub … Continue reading »

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Encouraging Authors and Writers

The forecast calls for 25 Celcius with sunshine.  I’m sitting at my desk in the library (ok, it’s an office, but library is so much more romantic sounding – even though it’s painted baby blue from when Jackson was a baby and I was kind enough to move into the sunshine-y yellow room that faces … Continue reading »

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Up and Down

For the record? There is a lot I don’t know. Still. I’m terribly flattered but get worried when people ask me to look at their work. Sure, I’ll look, but it doesn’t mean I have an educated opinion. Nor does it mean that if I like it, it’ll get published. And in case you were … Continue reading »

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The Neurotic Dog – Daisy

While I’m not super-comfortable with sharing lots of stuff about my boys, I’m more than happy to talk about my dog, Daisy. We picked her out from a litter of 8 (she was the runt) and as we went to pick her up, she promptly ate a  Daisy. Because she’s a purebred, we had to … Continue reading »

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Sometimes I’m Not Very Brave

Sometimes I have to tell myself to be brave. Not very often, but it happens. And when it does happen, I look at myself and think, “I’m not brave at all”. It doesn’t matter what I have done or have accomplished, because when I look at myself I think, “that’s not me”. I’m not feeling … Continue reading »

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