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Sleep Study

So. Last night I went for a sleep study. Because I’m tired all the time. Like ALL the time. And I dream all the time. And I yell at things in my sleep. And I wake up a lot. And sometimes I choke. It was at your local hospital and I got there at 9pm, … Continue reading »

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All About Knees

Catchy title, isn’t it? First of all, go read this. Because that’s my monthly blog for the ICFW. Ok. So you know my knee issues? Yes, yes you remember. No cartilage, lots of physio, blah blah. So. Today I had an appointment with Performance Orthotic something or other. And I went in with my shorts and … Continue reading »

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Public Speaking

The gaffer has to start practicing public speaking. Which he never has a problem with. It’s just who he is. Your typical fantastic A-type personality.  As I searched through his homework sheets, I found his public speaking page. He chose his topic. “My Pareants”.  He had to write down three ideas to talk about. While … Continue reading »

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The Neurotic Dog – Daisy

While I’m not super-comfortable with sharing lots of stuff about my boys, I’m more than happy to talk about my dog, Daisy. We picked her out from a litter of 8 (she was the runt) and as we went to pick her up, she promptly ate a  Daisy. Because she’s a purebred, we had to … Continue reading »

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Not Been Around?

I plead innocent. My computer was broken. If I could write in white today, I would. The world is covered by thick white snow. It started snowing 5 hours ago and it hasn’t stopped yet. I’ve already dragged the gaffer out for a walk in it. Soft, swirling fluffy flakes landing on everything that stands … Continue reading »

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