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Sleep Study


Last night I went for a sleep study. Because I’m tired all the time. Like ALL the time. And I dream all the time. And I yell at things in my sleep. And I wake up a lot. And sometimes I choke.

It was at your local hospital and I got there at 9pm, bringing 2 pillows (1 pillow to snuggle), and my blanket, a book, iphone, grinder, vaseline, vicks, earplugs, eyemask…I’m terribly high maintenance.  So the girl began hooking me up to many, many electrodes. First she measured my head and then with a red wax crayon, she marked my scalp. And then used alcohol to clean it. And given I just had my hair done yesterday, it kinda stung (you know how the stylist brushes your scalp a million times with a comb?), then some thick weird wax and then electrodes. I had 9 electrodes on my head. Then sensors around the top and bottom of my chest to monitor if I breathe with my stomach or my chest. And then electrodes beside my eyes and on my chin (eye movement and teeth grinding/clenching), on the outside of my ankles (restless feet/toe twitching), on my shoulder blades for ECG, clamp on my ring finger for oxygen (?) and a nose calendula. Did I spell that right? Whatever. Tubes up my nose. So I was supposed to sleep with this:

Looks comfortable, doesn’t it?








So, I climbed into bed and read for about half an hour while the lovely nurse hooked up another person in another room. I figured I’d haul all these wires to the washroom for the last time and then crash. She tucked me and I lay down.

Couldn’t sleep. Wide awake. I was exhausted, but awake. So I donned my grinder, eyemask, earplugs etc and waited. You know that moment where your thoughts get weird and you slightly dream but then you are jolted awake? That happened a lot. Until about 12:30. Do you know how hard it is to roll over with wires? I had to snuggle up to a huge box and pray I wouldn’t get electrocuted. I believe I nodded off for a bit but then I woke myself up yelling at someone, “Did you let the dog out?” (insert bad song here). And then I woke up at 4:30 and I had an awful headache and I finally asked if I could go home. So she came in and removed all the electrodes and I went home with weird thick white wax in my hair which took 20 minutes in a hot shower to get out. Apparently it melts out. Ew.

So I got home at 5am and made tea because I had to go pick up the boy at nana’s at 7:30 to take him to school. And now I am home and a zombie and now I go sleepies.

I’m really hoping they find something subtle…

All About Knees

Catchy title, isn’t it?

First of all, go read this. Because that’s my monthly blog for the ICFW.

Ok. So you know my knee issues? Yes, yes you remember. No cartilage, lots of physio, blah blah.


Today I had an appointment with Performance Orthotic something or other. And I went in with my shorts and we discussed my knee issue. My issue is that I want a knee brace so I can play tennis. And go faster on the elliptical without breaking my leg. His issue is that I overpronate. Which I already know. Hence the orthotics. He asked me how long I’ve had them, and I answered that these are new as of December but I’ve worn them for four years.

Then he asked me if I wear them in the house. To which I said no, it’s gross to wear shoes in the house. And I prefer to be barefoot.

Guess what?

The mystery to my disappearing knee cartilage? Because I overpronate and my legs have twisted and worn down all the cartilage in my knees because I don’t wear my orthotics more often.

So…. that means the other knee is shot too?

Yep. Pretty much.


So I was fitted for a custom knee brace, getting a full leg cast etc. And then I was told the price.

Fifteen hundred dollars.

I’m really, really praying that Manulife will cover this….

And I ordered it in baby blue. Because it’s prettier.

Writing news: am searching for the perfect moment for heroine to get her kiss. It has to be awesome.


Reading: just finished ‘Don’t You Want Me’ by India Knight. Anyone under 18 should not read it.

Drinking: tea. pumpkin chai.

Eating: dunno. sandwich?

Listening to: City and Colour. Am in luuuurve!!!!

Public Speaking

The gaffer has to start practicing public speaking. Which he never has a problem with. It’s just who he is. Your typical fantastic A-type personality.  As I searched through his homework sheets, I found his public speaking page. He chose his topic. “My Pareants”.  He had to write down three ideas to talk about. While I made his lunch for school this is what he chose to write:

1)  My dad cuts down trees and wrorks at the fire stashion and studies.  (He’s studying for his promotional exam)

2) My mom makes brakefaist and shuper and she is beitifull.

3) We all go to Gret wolf loj and go camping and sking.

Note: I’m glad he put in my important qualities…

Listening to: Majic 100 because I’ve missed Codi Jefferies

Eating: water. sad, I know.

Watching: Batman lego Wii

Reading: another Beverly Lewis book. Just finished “Incarceron” by Catherine Fisher. Pretty good. Should make a good movie.

The Neurotic Dog – Daisy

While I’m not super-comfortable with sharing lots of stuff about my boys, I’m more than happy to talk about my dog, Daisy.

We picked her out from a litter of 8 (she was the runt) and as we went to pick her up, she promptly ate a  Daisy. Because she’s a purebred, we had to give her the fancy name of “McGovern’s Dancing Night”. Cheesy isn’t it?


She is now eight and a half years old and weighs about 55 pounds.  She’s a black lab (of which for some reason, men like to argue she’s not a real lab as she is too small etc which takes everything in me to ask them if they would like to see her papers and maybe the reason they can’t tell she’s real is because their hunting mutts are just that? Mutts?) and she grew a white beard the day I got pregnant. I have absolutely no idea how she figured that out, but she did. And from that day on, miss goofy slobbery turkey head became growling bark at everybody kind of dog.

We used to live in the country and she’d sit at the back patio door, looking for deer. We couldn’t afford the decking yet, so it was a good 5′ drop. She’d see one and her whole butt would start vibrating while her tail cleaned the floor and we’d open the door quietly and WHOOSH! off she went. She’d chase them for about a kilometer then come back terribly proud of herself.

She’s very good at finding anything dead and rolling in it completely (especially dead snakes). She can find any puddle with 5 kilometers and lie down in it (same for rivers).  She can catch a ball, food (any size) and she can lick peanut butter off your toes or anything else that falls on the floor.

She hates thunderstorms.  She will come up in the middle of the night, slam into our room (smashing the doors open) and stare at me until I wake up. Do you know what it’s like waking up to two black eyes looking at you?

If you are sitting in a chair, she will try to rub herself underneath your legs like a cat.

She eats everything but olives and blueberries.

And for some insane reason, she loves bubbles. Not bubbles you blow, but bubbles in the bath.  She knows when I’m having a bubble bath (maybe it’s the scent?) and will whine outside the bathroom door until I let her in.


 Staring at bubbles. To make a point.

"You weell geeeve me da bubblez


stupid doorknobs

Not Been Around?

I plead innocent. My computer was broken.

If I could write in white today, I would.

The world is covered by thick white snow. It started snowing 5 hours ago and it hasn’t stopped yet. I’ve already dragged the gaffer out for a walk in it. Soft, swirling fluffy flakes landing on everything that stands still.  I love these days. The Christmas lights were turned on early (did I mention our tree has been up since November?) and it’s beautiful.

The gaffer is downstairs focusing on Christmas cards for his schoolmates. And I?

I am thinking of Amish Romance again.

I met an old school chum this week as she bought a couple of books and she’s terribly creative and gifted. And as we chatted, I mentionned the change of book audience and she was surprised. We discussed giving up one’s … creativity for the sake of money. Basically, ‘selling-out’.

I have so many ideas for so many different books. I have a picture book idea in mind and I also have the plot line of my amish one.  While I will accept that I was given a pretty good gift of writing, I have no problem writing books I don’t enjoy tremendously on a personal level, provided it brings in money.

Now don’t sound so shocked. My man works two jobs. I work none. Therefore, if I can make enough money that he only needs to work one? Then I’ve done my part. The end.

My greatest joy writing is poetry. And I can do that anywhere at anytime. It only takes five minutes to purge out something fantastic (my opinion anyway) once you have a delicious phrase. And a true joy would be to have my poetry bound properly. I’ve always wanted that. Maybe one day when I have nothing to do with my time and I have the debt thing sorted out. Then I”ll print all of it on yellow paper.

Listening to: Christmas carols and our neighbour chopping wood

Eating: gluten-free pumpkin scones (not bad)

Watching: the gorgeous snow fall

Reading: Desecration and Karen Kingsbury’s book um… something about a line. or something.

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