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Call Me Crazy…

But I started a new book. And it ain’t for kids. See, I was having a fantastic conversation with the lovely Kathleen, and discussed how at her new Publishing house, she’ll be senior editor of women’s fiction and amish romance. For those of you who are unaware, yes, amish romance does exist. So I laughed. … Continue reading »

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Second Prints, Taglines and Ideas

Today I will work my cookies off to get the book put together.  My lovely editor is going on holidays soon and mentionned she’d bring the manuscript with her provided I had it done by tomorrow. Hm.. I don’t think that includes edits but at least she can give me some feedback because although I … Continue reading »

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Losing My Mind…

I came home after working very very hard on the book at Starbucks, when I noticed a notice upon my door.   It was DHL. They have my books. Of course I wasn’t there to receive the package. That would be too easy. So now I am checking the time (4:08), knowing DHL closes at … Continue reading »

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I Wonder if I’m brave enough…

Did I mention the book comes out soon? 44 days. That seems  a bit crazy to me.  It’s like waiting for Christmas but you know you’re going to get this super awesome present that you’ve been waiting your whole life for.  I’m not nervous.  I’m not really concerned if people will like it. Because I … Continue reading »

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And it came…

It took a very long car ride to North Topsail, North Carolina, a few days of playing in the ocean, the pool and a lot of sunbathing and a very bad chest burn … but it came to me. The ending. The perfect ending to ‘Jackson Jones: the tale of a Boy, a troll and … Continue reading »

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