Yes, yes, been terribly busy and important. Spending most of my time just writing and trying to run a house. Not always effective. What is new? Not much. Revamping novel to add more details and deepen the relationships so it looks like it’ll be two books. Am also looking for deep courage to approach publishers and ask them to take a look at it….

I had the marvelous opportunity to visit a school in Kanata a week ago. It was grade four and they were wonderful. Two lovely young ladies read me their poems. And one just blew me away. I asked her to send it to be to put on my webpage.  The first line just hits you like a delicious phrase. I did tell her I may steal her line… here it is.


BLUE  by Cassie
Blue is the pump to my heart
Blue is the color of  the rainbow
Blue is the earth’s blanket
Blue is a wonderful color
Blue smells like waves of the ocean
Blue looks like blueberries
Blue feels like my favorite book
Blue makes me happy
Blue is my favorite color